One Feel For A Perfect And EASIER Golf Swing Release And STOP The Chicken Wing Golf Swing Mistake

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Golf swing release for effortless power golf swing, consistency and ball striking improvement. Ideal for a senior golf swing to increase swing speed, and any one who has a chicken wing golf swing release causing over the top golf swing move, slices, fats and poor ball striking. If you want to hit irons pure and hit longer drives, this quick and easy golf tip to have a soft lead arm will give you the feel to release and get through the golf ball with better results.

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If you want to see a full lesson on the golf swing release see this golf lesson video
STOP Golf Swing Chicken Wing For Effortless POWER and Ball Striking Consistency | EASY Golf Release

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing


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○ How to hit a driver
○ Senior Golf Swing Tips

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Bruce Pyle says:

Love the channel. I have learned a lot but do you have a more in-depth video on this topic. Not sure what I am trying to do lately but my swing has went away

Rob W says:

I've watched youtube golf channels for 4-5 years and you guys all say the same stuff. It's all correct, I'm just too dumb to understand it until I feel it, then it makes sense lol. "supple and sling it" absolutely is the answer. I get it now because I was able to feel it happen in practice.

Levi Primavera says:

How do I save this video! Awesome tip!

Patty Dodero says:

jordan would have something to say about this

dondiego cojones says:

this video made click subscribe and smashed the notification bell along with it!

Vape2Live38 says:

This is a critical piece of info for an effortless release and so many other YouTube golf pros fail to call attention to it! What helped me tremendously was realizing that the release is more like cracking a whip. The hands actually reverse direction momentarily to get a whip to make a loud crack. For me, finally realizing the release is not a continuation of energy down the line as Alex demonstrates here, and it's not a reversing of the hands direction like cracking a whip, that can lead to flipping the hands at the ball, but is a quick, abrupt change in the direction the lower body is moving, from pulling the arms down the target line, to up vertically by extending the lead leg fully, feeling like I'm pushing a bit opposite the target line and feeling most of the weight moving to the outside of my lead foot. The abrupt change in direction using the legs, with supple wrists/arms, allows me to get the feel that I'm "slinging" the clubhead down the line. My trigger "feel" is pushing off the ground with my left foot to transition the inertia of my upper body upwards, like I'm trying to get my left side as tall as possible. This swing sequence has finally allowed me to easily finish feeling balanced & with my chest/core feeling more elevated & facing the target. The increase of clubhead speed is amazing with such a small amount of effort! It's all about the correct timing of this change in direction, from pulling the arms down at the intermediate point, to quickly upwards using the legs, gives me the feel that I'm reversing direction like cracking a whip. Priceless insights Alex!

Wayne Dowding says:

Love the short videos, under 4 mins gets me watching all the time.

Luke Hathaway says:

Can’t not grip the club tight

Luke Hathaway says:

Nope doesn’t work can’t even hit the ball properly

Johnny Kilo says:

Nice vid. I recently started gripping with pressure 2 out of 10 with caused my arms to be way softer, almost like whipping a dangling rope. My swing has never been better and so effortless.

Ken Kohl says:

Soft and sling. Excellent, thanks.

Mike Biase says:

Mr.Fortey great video just make sure you're sneaker laces are tied ! I hate mine I'm always tripping on them on my way back to the cart

JP Golf says:

I like these short videos. Straight and to the point. Thanks!

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