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How would you like to be more consistent in the downswing?! How do we stop coming over the top? For those looking to make good contact, this video on One Piece Takeaway in Golf | Crazy Detail is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to hit the sweet spot, we'll cover why the shoulders are so important, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Rod M says:

Thank you Clay. Your videos helped me a lot. Keep up the good work.

vinod soni says:

Thanks for a clear explanation of what needs to be done.

Jonathan Poto says:

Butch Harmon created 67 accounts to dislike this

Nick Kenis says:

Clay absolutely crushed that shot at the end.

Rob Remington says:

Clay, you send too much time taking about mistakes that my 9 year old girl didn’t make her first time touching a club. Please spend more time on what we SHOULD be doing. I don’t have time to waste watching things that are wrong

e james says:

ya know who's takeaway I always liked………………….mark o'meara's.

Sol Roque Allende says:

habla un poco menos cacho

Richard Rampton says:

Clay, you talked a lot about the first half of the backswing but I was looking for more info on the second half of the backswing which talks about the arms lifting…do u have a video for that?

David A. says:

The early set works great as Mac O'grady and others have proved. You have to do it correctly. And it's very important for short wedge and pitch shots. Is it the best, overall? I'll admit that is debatable but it's incorrect to say it can't work great.

Nate Richardson says:

Clay your my boy blue. What do u do for a living sir? Dr?

Samuel Press says:

Best video I ever saw on takeaway…simple and demonstrated beautifully…great job

jake oh says:

If harvard had a golf major, you should be the head of that faculty. Your technique, approach, scientific explanation are just spot on. I have watched many of your videos and every single one of them are just amazing. Sometime i see people's comments on your videos, and it annoys heck out of me when i see some people trying to give you advices on how you explain things (change this and that blah blah). I wouldn't change anything , not a single word used in your materials though. Anyway, thank you for all these great lessons. ! I tip my hat to YOU!

Ryan Cox says:

Have been practicing this in my living room for the past 2 weeks and finally took it to the range yesterday. Absolute game changer for me. I never knew how compact my backswing was and how closed I kept the face. Never realized how much impact the wider take away and resulting lag would have on the rest of my swing. My contact improved instantly and I'm hitting my 7 iron 10-15 yards further and considerably straighter than I used to. And this is just the first day on the range! Thanks so much for posting, Clay. Can't wait to see where my game goes from here.

richtfingers says:

Excellent instruction – this is the core of any swing!
Clay, along with Aimee, is one of the best instructors around here.

Troubled Child says:

Have to admit Clay, you have a gift when it comes to explaining swing mechanics. Take away in one piece can create a consistent set at the top of the backswing allowing that transition into the slot. I'm a little guilty of those annoying 'pick up' moves with the wrist resulting in snap hooks. Nasty habit, but with your explanation the next practice session should prove interesting. Thanks again!

ezenza1 says:

thanks alot!

Alma Robles says:

great informative and very helpful to my golf

Sergio Sanchez Siem says:

Excellent thank you very much that help me a lot, because for first time i know how to start my swing.

cecil roberts says:

Clay no doubt you know what you are talking about but lets face it…most of us are NOT algebra wizards. you know … square root of the hypotenuse. why cant a golf swing be simple like Mo Norman? can you teach a simple one plane swing like Mo Norman? something we all can duplicate without having to think about all the different angles and turns and such?

TheRzrsedge says:

blah blah blah. when you start your takeaway while you rotate your arms and leave your left arm straight as possible if right handed.

your weight should feel like it is being pressed on the inside of your right foot.

when you rotate through your weight should feel like it is more forward towards the ball of your left foot.

Kyle Grona says:

Good shit, sir!

Sun Sean Hong says:

You started to mention how hi your arms should go, but I didn't catch how high your arms should go after the takeaway.

Eddie Elfakir says:

Hello Clay, after 30lessons at GolfTec and pricey new ping clubs I can't figure out why I'm having a difficult time hitting a decent shot. I would be grateful if I could break 100 score. I watched all your video but I'm so overwhelmed with the details. I been playing for almost 3yrs now….on and off. I'm really disappointed not getting over this hump after doing 30 lessons. Can you recommend two of your videos that I can just focus on and then just move forward from there…I know once I get over this hump your videos are going to be so useful… thank you so much for the great videos.

Qadeer Durrani says:

too much talking

ROBSTER77 # says:

Love the detail. Can you describe (3-5) swing movements that stay consistent with all "swinging" clubs in the bag (Pw-Driver). I sometimes try to manipulate the club too much with certain clubs. In other words, movements that do not change with either club. Thanks!

del lam says:

Very understanding video, thank you Mr Ballard.

Fonzie Cintron says:

I think you might have fixed my swing. Need to get to the driving range asap!

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