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Click For Free Video:  One Piece Takeaway in Golf Swing Done Right

The takeaway is one of the most important pieces of the golf swing. If we can get started on track we are going to be nice and consistent in the swing.

If you are tired of pulling the club inside, re-routing the club over the top, chopping down into the golf ball, or any other inconsistent move you may be struggling with.

You will learn in this one easy drill, how to get started on the right foot and start hitting some of your most consistent shots.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with GDM Golf. Good luck with your golf.




Conrad Harle says:

Love your tuition, always go to these vids for a reset

Gary Lewis says:

Really like the idea Clay. I like the idea of some left arm rotation earlier in the swing as you prescribe. Evidently instructors are so fearful of having the club yanked inside that they take it too far the other way and then one has to make a huge move with the left arm later in the backswing, and that seems pretty difficult to me.

Joe Massimino says:

Glad I found your website. great clear concise instruction. Thanks,

David Lentine says:

One piece takeaway is old news! Get with the new out with the old! Geeeezzz! ???

Khaled Daghestani says:

Copied the simple and effective drill, went to driving range, hit every ball consistently long and straight. Thanks for none complexity instructions.

Da Guvna says:

I fixed my takeaway today and suddenly i started hitting the ball better than i have in 13 years. It felt magical! I couldn't miss. Now I feel like i can become a scratch golfer!

I've never put much emphasis on my takeaway since i first started playing and read Hogan's book. Apparently he thought it was one of the two most important moments in the swing. (Other is transition)

How does the takeaway affect the swing? Why is it such a big key to the rest of the swing?

Daryl Anliker says:

Thankyou, best one I have seen yet!!!

Dor D says:

I was able to shot a Seventy-three after exercising the drill I`ve learned from reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). Another accomplishment I`ve made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. I also almost hit the green with a distance of Five to ten yards on the other Five holes. My handicap is a 9 so I don`t shoot 73s all of the time. It was not my best round ever, but it was my best in a long time.

JohnJ866 says:

Hey Clay, hope all is well.
As I was surfing you tube for golf , I'm addicted, I found Chris Ryan Golf out of England ,Nice Chap lol. Though I feel TSG and RST are the best.
You seem to share many of the same theories in golf .

thebestceramist says:

it is a one piece take away, but the difference with pivot turn swing is without shoulder turn. In pivot turn swing, it is critical to put your club in front of your body. Please clarify the differences your swing system with body rotation based swing.

Rick Mccraw says:

I usually find online lessons dont stick to your ribs when you take em to the course. These lessons are great. Easy to follow and understand. Pretty nice job. Thank You

DocDLH says:

If you do this, however, you cannot get into the slightly bowed wrist on top that you also recommend! Taking the club back some "wide" with a slightly closed face will accomplish the top position that you've advocated in the past.

RandyMarshFrmSP says:

Haha fuckin bird

blanche herron says:

Clay: A friend of mine paid for a 30 minute golf lesson for me for my birthday and during the analysis it became quite evident I still struggle using my hands to initiate and not my torso and shoulders. As I listened to his feedback I kept thinking of this video…… as I do this drill should I concentrate on turning my left shoulder under my chin or more on a level plane? I seem to be following the ole axiom…one step forward and two back!

Larry – San Diego

Scott Shields says:

So how does this jive with Chuck Quintons 2inch shoulder blade move? Are they one in the same?

blanche herron says:

Clay: I really enjoy your instructional series and recently signed up for your membership.


blanche herron says:

Clay: I noticed on most if not all of your drills you recommend doing "100 repetitions?" What is the theory of this number?

Larry (using my wife's account)

blanche herron says:

Clay: Great video and explanation of a "one piece takeaway" which sounds so simple I continue to struggle with as I initiate my takeaway. I know when I try this move I feel tension in both of my arms which seem to take over and prevents me from effectively using my shoulders. Will try your suggested drill while raising my club waist high (100 repetitions). Golf is alot harder than jumping out of airplanes.

Larry – San Diego
101st Airborne Veteran

Jancen says:

Is this takeaway applicable to a driver?

Les Williams says:

How do you feel just the shoulders rotating? My shoulders still rotate but I feel my shoulders/arms/hands at once. I feel like I pull my right elbow straight back to initiate my takeaway. Any ideas to help me feel it in my shoulders?

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