One Player Broke Par…The course is only 6,000 yard long! Crosland Heath Comp Review

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One Player Broke Par…The course is only 6,000 yard long! Crosland Heath Comp Review

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Andre Grant says:

What’s the name of the software you were using to keep track of your stats? If you mentioned it, sorry. I missed it.

Darren Byrne says:

Great book to help you out with the mental side "The power of now" and just a leave you with this sentence "the need to win will drain you of power" if you understand that you're well on your way

nigel brooks says:

Keep up the hard work your game is just around the corner

Guy Legg says:

It seems like you like to give yourself a really hard time when it doesn’t quite click. That’s something we all do and if you can find an ‘off’ switch for golfers you’ll make an absolute mint #golfishard

Mungo 1967 says:

Hope you qualify..keep going. Looking forward to taking my mrs to Southport for a weekend and then going to watch the golf day at formby.

John Magnell says:

Mentally… try “Molinari, Stenson” ?

lee churchman says:

Golfbidder time hahaha don't forget to have fun in the tournaments don't over think stuff and haha stenson Molinari……??

fixafone123 says:

Didn't hear "Stensen, Molinari" once… +5 over… Just sayin'

kenan lawford says:

Peter If you come to West Yorkshire again okay Willow valley golf course in brighouse and play the championship course it is one of the toughest courses in Yorkshire and is a beautiful course it use to host the Yorkshire PGA and I think a lot of people would like to see you play it as it would be a challenge

MATTI Helenius says:

hi.. 😛 very beautiful weather in UK! what's mean in and out? In like front and out is back? .. =D

Collin Weaver says:

I noticed a few shots where you are releasing your right hand off the club a little earlier than normal. Is this planned or just an idiosyncrasy I never noticed?

danthemanwhocancan says:

More drone footage of Dan's hair please ??

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