One Simple Follow Through Technique To Lower Your Handicap

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Chris Brill says:

This is hard to write, because the our brains get scattered when we actually tune in to an existing dysfunction. Cornering a swing error and looking it straight in the face, what it feels like, and should feel like.. Why was I wrong? How did I get into that position? Is my swing just a series of compensations, and I don't know who to blame. Through your recent insights on follow through, I am answering old questions about body movement elsewhere in the swing. Things I have read but never could feel. Nicklaus saying he is just trying to keep the club shaft between his arms as long as possible.. In an athletic sense, I could not imagine the rhythm when I would try that.. I felt like the tin man from wizard of oz, with unsatisfying contact. Since forcing my left arm to extend after impact, and having that be my downswing thought (aiming to end up), I'm noting a rearrangement of firing patterns, particularly those in the right shoulder, elbow and right forearm.. like, they need to catch up.. now, lo and behold look at that shaft rotating around my body centered between my arms (Nicklaus). Huh? My cupped left wrist wants a bent left arm in the follow through… in order to get that elbow straight, my subconscious now wants to flare that left wrist bowed so the elbow can free and not outrun the chest?? If one has a deep self critical fear of casting outside to in, they reject the sensation of the healthy "casting like" feel of forearm rotation. Lag seekers must accept that. One must end up with the butt of the club completely away from the body. Both arms extended. When I see myself now on video, my follow through commences with a pose of absolute grace. My early extension is also gone? Great stuff E.C.

James Brey says:

She is very smart !!! Great student. You only have to say it one time !!! She gets it !!!

Nick Papadakis says:

Hi Eric I've been working on this and am hitting them great, I feel like I am more consistent and accurate..only thing is I've lost a bit of distance e.g. 7 iron I can normally hit around 145 to 150 metres, at the range today was only hitting around 120 metres…any suggestions?

Carl Tillman says:

Great video! Thanks!

Ashley Walls says:

Just watch Danny Noonan, he does this perfect!

Jimbo says:

Any advice for someone that has a lack of flexibility in the shoulder/elbow leading to a bit of a flying right elbow? 22yrs old, 4hc. But don’t seem to have the shoulder flexibility and have to reroute the swing leading to the odd steep or push

bart beauregard says:

Sorry left arm supination ?

bart beauregard says:

How do you implement right arm supination if you are trying to keep your arms straight ?

Nick Papadakis says:

Great much further though do we go with the follow through? Can we go further that parallel to the ground? I feel likecits hard to stop right at this point

rick petryk says:

Carolina is the best!

Jack Lam says:

When you see golfers at the range looking like Tommy Fleetwood, you know they just saw this video lol

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