Online Golf Lessons: How to Visualize Like Jack Nicklaus

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Online Golf Lessons: How to Visualize Like Jack Nicklaus (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor Clay Ballard)

All golfers want to play their best. In order to have long term success there are several factors that will have some weight. Proper Swing Mechanics, Practice, Great Short Game, and many of the same things we have heard for years.

But what will get me the most out of the game that I already have. Those factors will help me to improve in the future, but how do I play my best with what I have today?

Visualization is how. That is the key to tapping into your natural athletic ability and playing the best you can today. The key to great visualization is to make it as real as possible.

1. See The Shot (in t great detail)
2. Feel Yourself Hitting the Shot
3. Hear the Sound of a Well Compressed Shot

I look forward to working with you on your golf game much more in the future!
Clay Ballard

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David O'Sullivan says:

Hi Clay, great vids as always but what applications did you use the draw
the lines on Tiger and Bubba’s swings??

ZeroSumJ1 says:

When I visualize I never include myself swinging in my head. I just picture
the ball flight. Gonna try this out.

Matthew Brandl says:

Thanks !! Golf Instruction says:

Thanks, I use V1. ~Clay Ballard Golf Instruction says:

Great. It makes it more realistic. Hearing the shot is the key for me. When
you put all three together it seems like it has already happened. It gives
you a lot of confidence. ~Clay Ballard Golf Instruction says:

Glad to help! ~Clay Ballard

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