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ORKA RS10 CB Review
It’s the first Saturday Night Showdown with myself (PGA Professional) and Lee Whittaker (12 Handicap). In this video Lee and I will be reviewing the ORKA RS10 CB irons along with the Titleist 620 MB irons. We will be giving them a score for loft, looks, feel, sound & workability and running a yearly table on all irons we review in 2020. Join us as we talk you through our personal thoughts on these clubs which will hopefully help you when it comes to purchasing a new set of irons.

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Damien Sharkey says:

Dan you have to do more of these. As the year went on you forgot these reviews. And if we could see the outside review maybe with pro tracer to see the workability.

kevin ross says:

Filling time before the next course vlog drops I found this and really enjoyed the concept. One thing I'd love to see added to your review criteria would be affordability. ???

John Hussey says:

What's the point when the whole point of Orka is that they're only sold new if you've had them built for you?

Paul Hudson says:

Considering that RS10 CB is basically a Miura TC-201, and they're less than half the price, they look like phenomenal clubs.

yeboha says:

how far was dan carrying the orka compared to the titleist ??

Social Golfing says:

Love this video

Siao Kia says:

Lol that shyt is forge in china factory , craps marketing n claim saying softest n made in Japan lol

Peter Ålund says:

Such a nice convo

R A says:

Wow let’s review two irons only low single digit handicappers would even consider playing. But the other 95% of the worlds golfers watch us hit them Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Gary Smith says:

Feel good video

Gary Smith says:

Frozen rope irons lee

Ben Ng says:

Hope to see some mizuno JPX900 Tours some time! That's what I game currently and it would be interesting to get your opinions on it 😀

Lots of people can only afford 2nd hand sets so it could still be worth reviewing 'older' models!

Andrew Ferguson says:

Love this idea!

Dean Patterson says:

Like the format

The Hop says:

12 handicapper who talks like a tour pro……..

streetspirit2005 says:

Love this type of vid dan and lee, looking forward to the next one guy’s ?????

Andy Wood says:

Great idea but given Dan's striking and idea of what he thinks a club should look and feel like, modern forgiving irons may as well not be in the test. And given the majority of golfers are 12 and above, the test could end up a little pointless. Can't see cleveland launcher, cobra t-railand Wilson launch pad irons doing anything ?

Chris Dixon says:

Not sure his clubs are that more forgiving…said he had no margin for error but you hit a toe ball with his club and the spin went up, distance came down so no difference. No club is forgiving if you’re not somewhere near the sweet spot, it’s like people think you can spray the face of a game improvement iron and get good results still…you can’t

Mark Preston says:

Great concept guys… With the quality of most clubs and custom fit options, you can presume numbers will always be there or thereabouts (given similar specs) but the personal feel is a massive thing ??

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