Our Review of The Lag Shot | An Honest Opinion of The Hottest Golf Swing Aid in Golf!

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In Today's video, we will be diving into the Lag Shot and our experiences testing out this product. We will provide a review of what we like, how it helps, and what the LagShot will do for you.

You can pick one up here via this link for $119:

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Ayjie says:

Tip, use 2 golf clubs to swing and warm up, your welcome

Pam Meulemans says:

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ttdash1 says:

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Jeff Wiresinger says:

My game has improved , I have all three clubs

Boulderite says:

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Fairway2Play says:

Giveaway Entry. I'd really like to hit all 3 options: driver, 7i & wedge

Diane Armour says:

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Samuel Wunderlich says:

Why not a full set and play them?

Fritz Flokstra says:

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Wilbert Ngo says:

Thanks for the great review. Based on your review, I got LS Iron 7 and I really love it. I finally got the lag that I can only dream of before. My iron shots are now longer and dead straight. πŸ‘πŸ™‚

brianmcg321 says:

I thought you were hitting off of the practice green.

Shogoon P. Bechler says:

What you should have mentioned is that this Lag Shot is not a new tool.
About 3 years ago, I bought the "G Force Swing Trainer" which is exactly the same club, except it’s white !
How to make new with old material πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

Bob Woodard says:

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Mike B says:

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Ed Bowers says:

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Ed Bowers says:

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Jim Thomas says:

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Cameron Simonton says:


TheRenster500 says:

I just purchased the club and although it's only day one, i am extremely pleased! After taking about 30 swings with the lagshot I didn't feel like i was swinging it well at all, but once i went to my normal 7 iron i could hardly believe how much better my swing was and how great my normal club felt!

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