Our Titleist T-Series Iron Fitting [And HUGE GIVEAWAY]

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We're back at the Titleist Regional Fitting Center at Sleepy Hollow Country Club for a full T-Series irons fitting with 2018 Met PGA Teacher of the Year Kevin Sprecher.

In this video we'll be testing the new Titleist T-100, T-200, and T-300 irons to see which ones are the best fit for our golf game.



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Kevin S says:

I’m assuming this is the club in briarcliff manor? There’s another sleepy hollow in rome, ny

Davib Labadie says:

Purchased T400 Sept 6 and know it’s Oct 15 still no irons. Sales person said there are no heads for T200 thru T400.?

WickedRoller says:

I dont know why the fitter never discusses the loft differences instead of saying the T100 is "under performing". Of course its not going to go as far. T100 7 iron is 34° where thr t300 is 29°. Thats a full club difference.

Michaelray Rodriguez says:

Currently playing mizuno jpx 900. Awesome video

Nate Gross says:

When you get a custom fit set are the heads removable like they are when when you get fit?

W Jack says:

Love these guy's easy going personalities and video style. Best golf Duo on YouTube!
Also, best Equipment- Titleist # 1 in golf

Joshua Melohusky says:

Wish I could get fitted for a whole bag not happening for me for a while great video always lots of info throughout the fitting process

Scott Willi says:

Is that the Sleepy Hallow by Ossining? I went to college there in the early 90s.

Rick Vaughn says:

Well I’m sold on getting a fitting done. I’ve got a mixed bag of 1980s-1990s regular flex irons that are too short for me, and i only have 3 irons and no P wedge. Time to get some real clubs ?

Joe A says:

They should go right in "MY" bag…..:)

Red Rocket says:

Man you guys are lucky to get to go through stuff like this when something new comes cause its really expensive.

geoffrey liss says:

How is he a 12 handicap? If he did not try to kill his irons he would be even more accurate. I think he should be a 5 unless he is playing Beth Page Black.

Jarrod Colburne says:

I really like your content fellas, very well done and fun to watch. You are both good ball strikers too. I look forward to seeing how these new sticks improve your games! You boys are total gear heads, but then again, so am I, so I can relate to your desire to have the best gear for your games.

Darrell Short says:

Great Video, I like the mixed bag option, the longer the iron the more forgiveness needed. Good to see technology being used to aid in selecting club heads and shafts… My ahah moment is Kevin's comment about a player should not have to get used to a new set of irons… That was the deal maker for me… Every set of irons I've purchased in the past I've had to adjust my swing to them…

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