Outdoor Testing – 2019 Titleist Irons | T-Series & 620

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http://txg.ca – At the Titleist National Fitting Centre testing the new Titleist T-Series irons plus the 620 MB & CB! See how the line progresses from the T300 to the MB in launch, spin, ball speed and forgiveness!

Filmed at: Eagles Nest Golf Club, Vaughan, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois



Joseph Durkin says:

Honestly sound doesn't matter to me, it could sound like horrible. If it preforms good, and I have control over the shot that's what I want. If it does what I want it to do with the worst sound in the world I would still buy them

Joseph Durkin says:

I can't believe you carry a 7 iron 191 yards…… I can't even imagine the drive you hit. Like they should have someone else testing these clubs, because then everyone won't wonder why the 7 iron isn't going 200 yards

editor-d says:

Went from a set of T200 to the 620 CBs to get more shape. Oddly enough, I am hitting them the same distance and feel like I get less draw with the CBs. But I definitely noticed the turf interaction was much better for me with the CBs. Something about the forged head just feels like butter.

J . x . P says:

T 300 NO COMPETITION!!! mine are on the way with 3 new vokeys

Colin Brown says:

How do outdoor and indoor iron testing figures compare? Could it make a difference to a club fitting. Loving your work.

Joshua Horvat says:

My set of all black T100s arrives in 2 days. Im pumped

Tom Janci says:

Got fitted the past weekend. I hit Mavrik, SIM Max and T300. Wasn't even close. T300 like buttah.

Micky Wes says:

Can you explain why T100 7 Iron is 34 degree loft and T300 700 Iron is 29 degree loft?
More than a club apart, even on the same brand?

Johnny Penso says:

Every one of these multiple club tests is the same. Fitters and testers everywhere treat the pure blade as some kind of impossible club to hit and then every tester, high or low handicap, has a more consistent result with blades or at least an equal result almost every time. I played for 20 years with mid-80s Wilson blades and had no idea they were impossible to hit for a weekend golfer until Youtube told me so. Personally I think it's mostly a load of shite. The real issues with these clubs for weekend golfers are in the longer irons because we tend not to hit the ball high or have enough swing speed to get them high. IMO an ideal set for most weekend golfers is a mixed set with more blade like or cavity irons from 7-8 and up, and something below that that can help get the ball airborne like hybrids or more GI irons.

Matthew Kane says:

Excellent video, especially for those who find their range sessions get boring. Learning how to flight the ball in different conditions and it’s relationship with carry distances is a game changer for everyone. Great work guys ?

John D says:

Have you demo heads for the T100S yet? It would be nice to see the T100S v. P790 and other players distance irons. For those of us like Matt who have played a few generations of AP2s wondering if the T100s are custom for their lofts and not just bended +2 degrees changing turf interaction?

B says:

29 degree 7 iron, wow they make them strong these days

Clayton Johnston says:

Hit the 620 MB with the PX rifle 6.0. Great club!

Alex Nuschke says:

I bet you'd play better golf overall with the mb's in the bag and you could combo with the 3, 4, 5 in T100's or CB's.

Station 2Station says:

18:10 Matt's brain is squirming like a toad…."I think I like these MB's, weird…I wonder if I should perhaps ….maybe…get some in my scoring irons…hmmm…that was unexpected."

Mike Lavdas says:

I had a really similar experience to Matt with MBs except perhaps more surprising because I'm a higher hcp (honest 17), but my scoring irons have always been good relative to the rest of my game. I went in to trade up from my cobra F7s, looking at something along the lines of an Apex forged, T200, Forged TEC etc. Nothing really jumped out at me but as kind of a "what the heck" moment I tried the Cobra MB/CB irons.

I thought about them for two months after, reading every bit of marketing material telling me they weren't the right club for my skill level etc. But at the end of the day they just performed great for me, I got fit into them, dispersion was tighter than the forged TEC by about 30% for me with the KBS Tour 120. They're in the bag now P-7 MB, 6-4 CB. I've only played a couple of rounds, plus it's end of season for us here and the courses are pretty squishy from rain, but I'm already playing to my hcp with them and really enjoying the "training wheels off" feeling. I know exactly where the ball is before I even look up from the shot, especially on a mishit; the feedback is just awesome. Just shows, everyone golfs differently and how important it is to get fit into your clubs, so you know quantitatively what works best.

Bryce Larson says:

We not gonna talk about that big ass bug on matty back at 3:28

Jason Zucker says:

I am curious to learn why a golfer would prefer an iron that flies lower and shorter than another? "Workability"?

DA Claggett says:

Looks like better divot paths from the players irons?

Craig Berry says:

Sole configuration is king

Ken Stevenson says:

How would you compare forgiveness of cb 620 to T100? And the CB’s look closer to srixon 785. Are they as forgiving?

Ian Shepherd says:

Did you guys notice half of YouTube stole your ping glide water test? That’s kinda bogus and oddly specific to steal…other things are fair game but man that wasn’t cool on their part.

Weston Maughan says:

Had the same results. 620mb were awesome.

Matt Strong says:

Since Matt hit them so well.. can you do a quick comparison on the 620MB vs the 718MB. Numbers and feel. U500 Vs TMB 2i comparison as well!

Curtis Polysou says:

Great video!

Divot pattern reinforces why I will only get fit for irons/wedges on grass. However all the grass-range fitting centers are typically 1-brand operations.

Craig Cooper says:

had my first hole in one with a 712 mb 5iron. nothing feels better with a pure strike nothing feels worse with anything less

J Antonio says:

Can you do some outdoor testing for the Wilson irons? Very underrated club. Sporting the D7 but will be making the move to the C300 forged gun metal. I'd like to see the numbers on the FG Tour V6 as well.

DocWilly77 says:

I want to like the t200, but the 43 degree pitching wedge is a turnoff. I dont have room in my bag for two approach wedges…

Steven Beasley says:

So I've noticed this on video before it looks like everything starts out to the left for Matt, which would either be a push or a draw type shape, but one shot he said he pulled it a bit, and it still seemed like the ball started out to the left. Is this just an optical illusion or do I just not understand what is going on?

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