Outdoor Testing | Titleist TS Hybrids & u500 Utility Irons

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Charlie Odom says:

I absolutely love my 2 decade old 2 iron, so the 500 or the 790 would fit right into my bag nicely. I find myself using my 2 iron on dog legs where I need the ball to go under a tree in the corner, off the tee to get an accurate position into the green, or when I need that low stinger from the woods to get back in play.

My 2 and 3 irons get used a LOT, and I have always hit them well, albeit not really long. 210 for the 3 iron and 225 for the 2. I'd really like to try out one of these and see if I can get that up to 240 so I can get rid of a wood and add a 4th wedge!

kyle keith says:

Do a test of the utility club with a small tee. I’d use this on the tee for the “tiger stinger”.

Kevin Howell says:

I hit the u500 way better than the u510 lol. I have no idea why… looks maybe…

Good Time Golf says:

Just got a fitting done and they put me in a 19* U500, absolutely love it.

Mohit Lakha says:

Please do a review of utility/driving irons.

D W says:

Hits first 235, next 271, then 250 for TS2. Pretty much exact same swing. That’s way too much variance even with a slight mis-hit. Couldn’t really trust with trouble short/long.

Ian Nicol says:

Hi again Ian.
I bought a vega vu-03 driving iron thing think possibly called there hybrid but heavy and more like an iron. I play currently a 60g stiff tensei orange in an epic flash and a AV blue 70g stiff in a tour head 2017 M1 3 wood. Current hybrid is a 17 degree tour head in an 80g stiff.
So what kinds shaft and length should I try and go for with this Vega to try. Couple of options to look at even would be fantastic and weight.
Much appreciated Ian.

Thank u.

Clayton Johnston says:

Which Driving irons would you suggest for someone that needs minimal offset? I draw naturally and have clubs with minimal offset (ie CB blades).

sgt3blackhawkz says:

Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys could help me with making a decision. I’m looking to add a 19-degree 3H or 5-wood to the bag since I just got all new clubs this year and my 5-iron is now 22-degrees (Wilson D7) compared to my old, old Taylormade RAC. I was looking at older versions of lines, because I’m young and don’t have a decent income to get 2019 or what’s coming out now, but I kind of narrow’d it down to the Rogue for 5-wood or Cobra F8 Speedback for 3H, since they’re both relatively the same price on sites I’m looking at. For background, I have relative ease hitting a wood off the deck, so I’m not scared of the 5-wood. Also, the Rogue would be pre-owned, while the Cobra would be new. And I’m a 18-24 handicapper (but distance-wise, should be like a 15 lol). Just wanted to get your thoughts so I can make an easier decision!

Jack Zhang says:

It would be great if with the ball tracer .

Howard Barker says:

Another great video now how about doing the best hybrid/utility challenge like the driver series’s to see who really comes out on top of the pile & ends up in Matt (The Robots) bag. ?

Andrew Chapman says:

Why are all the numbers on screen 2 higher then what you keep saying?

Chris Keelan says:

Thanks for another helpful video! I just went through my first club fitting and he suggested 2 hybrids to replace my 3 and 4 iron. Any thoughts on a utility iron to replace the 4? More versatility than 2 hybrids? Thanks!

Kyle Passen says:

Do the clubs force steeper/shallow AOA? Different lengths?

Leo Tong says:

not a fan of the sound of the utility irons…let's try the P790 UDI

Dimitriy Babchuk says:

TXG Outside! Awesome, I love seeing you guys out on the range and course!

Bwen FYI says:

I’d like to see more shots. Just to see how stable it is. Stopping bc “it won’t get any better” doesn’t tell the whole story when you’ve hit 2 balls.

Daniel Young says:

I bet the reps loved it when Matt said it has a "p790" look.

Andy Pym says:

I've just started playing my H2 19 degree and it goes further (and straighter) than my driver. Why?

Timothy Daniels says:

I’m planning to set up an appointment with Dr. Kendall when your Mississauga location opens. I’m looking for a hybrid and this one will go on the try list.

Timothy Daniels says:

It would be interesting to hear what Matt’s thought process when he hits a hybrid, ie. sweep it or make a downward strike. I notice he takes a small divot so maybe that’s my answer.

Ross Lillebo says:

Isn't D4 lofted up .75 degrees? Or did the change it from the drivers. A1 is standard setting on them?

ChadmanPA-C says:

Where’s the stinger?! ???

Tommy H says:

Alright, another set of fine clubs from Titleist. Good to know. Thanks Ian and Matty!

Kevin Gonyo says:

no matter your knowledge about the game or the products y'all are talking about, there's always something for someone in these videos. great content!

Albin Gröndahl says:

Guys, how are the numbers measured? Getting a smash factor of around 1.48-1.5 consistently with hybrids and driving irons seems suspicious. Great clubs, probably, but that is weird in my eyes!

golf raven says:

I did my fitting with Titleist and to my surprise ended with the TS2 (21 degree). Had previously the 816 H2 so thought I like the TS3 more but TS2 was more consistent/straighter and even slightly longer for me. Face is not much bigger than my old hybrid and it was not long getting used to. I tested the U510 and if I was in the market for 4 iron it could be a contender – super high launch. 3 iron is certainly not an alternative to a hybrid for me because you need to be able to generate speed. Overall nice but my T-MB stays in the bag for long.

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