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We go to one the biggest pro shops in the Uk and see if we can find some better deals than out on the second hand market.

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Amit Patrick says:

How do you find these!! 😮

Harry Young says:

Great video.
Just to let you know there’s been a couple of pro shops been hit by thieves not just petty thieves they literally took the lot! Be careful advertising these shops as these dirty bastards are definitely not golfers. All they see is… 💰💰

Oliver Callaghan Golf says:

Love silvermere been there myself and honestly one of the best courses I’ve played

Philip Carroll says:

I picked up one of those Odyssey stroke lab putters second hand for 55 euro in great condition! Was ready to hand over 4x that until I walked around the shop and found a tiny bag of second hands hiding in the corner!

Fiuffles says:

a hint for your slo-mo shots in the future, if you record them in higher fps (120+) the slo-mo shots will be far smoother, (of course I do not know what filming equipment you use) however it could look a lot nicer, nice video in general – I love silvermere its a great course with facilities!!

Keith Isham says:

Why are secondhand Drivers so expensive?????

Charlie Crown says:

James Robinson just called, less of the 'lets do it' please Simon 😆👍

CrazyFooI says:

Just started watching you vids to try and get an idea of where I can find some deals. I've just started playing and don't want to go all out on new clubs until I get better and know I'll continue playing. Finding it to be an absolute minefield out there though. There's so much choice on eBay so it's hard to determine if I'm getting a good deal or not

philip sawyers says:

Good point again Good to see your promoting the local pro shop.

RS Fan says:

Discovered your channel 2 days ago. The very next day done two Facebook market place deals which I think were pretty good.
Nearly new callaway cart bag, 3-SW Callaway X18 pro irons, Callaway Big Berth 5,3, driver, Odyssey White hot 2 ball, dozen golf balls – £120.
Collected another set on the way to the first deal.
Callaway stand bag, King Cobra baffler 3 & 4, King cobra 3400 I xh (5-SW) £80.

How did I do?

I am just starting off. Bought both to try out everything.

Sean Tobin says:

Love the Miuras. If I win them I’ll play them for the rest of the year then pass them on to someone else on a similar promise.

Dan W says:

Got my 2 ball xdf for £50 which included a bag and also some clubs

Andy Linacre says:

Love a bargain !! Plus sound advice

Big Al says:

Love going to Silvermere, proper Aladins Cave.

Senseicads says:

literally this week I was fitted for irons at Silvermere. Best £60 I've ever spent…actually i didn't spend it, it was refunded when I bought my irons. The choice, the stats, everything was brilliant. In fact I don't think I need a new driver but I want to go for a fitting just to see, and to have fun trying a load of drivers. Genuinely epic!

Lewis Moore says:

Never knew a 9 wood existed! That could make for a good comparison video to other woods/hybirds, long irons? Silvermere is definitely on my bucket list! Especially as a lefty, seeing their specialism in left handed golf is a dream!

Bad Muppet says:

The thumbs down votes are from people who have been buying from pro shops to sell on eBay 🤣

KevinS says:

Had a few bargains from Silvermere.
Also had great service when I got fitted for new irons. The chance to try 5 or 6 manufacturers offerings is just not available in most places.

Unknown Music says:

So hard to find lefty deals.

Pharaoh Golf Co. says:

This is awesome Simon. Will definitely get over to Silvermere

Roger Titcombe says:

Been there, unbelievable shop. Thanks for showing us 👍

D R says:

A £250 Scotty Cameron today will not hold it's value forever, they were 150 last year on eBay, granted Scottys hold value the best. Might even see prices go lower than pre-covid with all the new golfers dispensing with their new clubs like new years gym memberships. Maybe.

danny w says:

Just picked up Cleveland RTX-3 satin finish 50,54,58 degree Wedges and a Taylormade M4 3 Hybrid off Facebook for £150, great deal.

Anders Olofsson says:

Yeah I bought my driver brand new, at my local golf store, almost cheaper then i could find on used on ebay.
Callaway rogue 9 degree
I played 250£
Superhappy with it

DA COX says:

Glad you're enlightening us on more options for finding deals. Couldn't find deal i was looking for on 2nd hand modern irons for my dad but I think the cleveland uhx irons i found and bought new for $415 was a solid deal.

Jack Proctor says:

Got a lovely set of Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Wide Sole 3-SW irons I’m looking to get rid of, anything you’re interested in give me a message Simon!

Brandon Rorke says:

Man being a lefty I get a little envious when I see places like this.

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