Over the Top Golf Swing Cure – Right Elbow Tip

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Over the Top – Right Elbow

In this video, Clay Ballard talks about the over the top move and how you can fix that move once and for all by working on the right elbow. With just two alignment rods, Clay demonstrates a great drill to get that elbow just right.

Warning: If you are not coming over the top, this video is not for you. You will start coming to far from the inside and possibly hit some hooks.

As a bonus, we've thrown in a link and preview of the “Over the Top Stick Drill” premium instructional video.

Good luck with your golf game!

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Over the Top Right Elbow

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Jerry Uyheng says:

i have an inconsistent backswing. it’s feels different everytime i play.
but most of the time, i feel like it moves inside and i have a difficult
time cocking my wrists. any thoughts?

Brian Podraza says:

I have done this drill in the past, but I just went away from it. My over
the top move got progressively worse. Today, I did this drill, and what a
thing of joy to see the ball draw from right to left. I just have to get
my muscles and body in tune w/ this new move. All my divots were going
towards the target and I was very happy w/ the results. Thanks Clay.

Howie Karasick says:

No no no YOU hit the stick so mr lag doctor….you were so NOT RIGHT…see
no need to say wrong lol

Just yanking your chain nice video..BUT u did hit the st……..

Jonathan Mebane says:

This was a great video to help me feel the correct move. Thank you

james eadie says:

Something I am guilty of Over the Top .. done a similar exercise and
correct this .

Shawn & Jim Foster says:

I didn’t realize I was coming over the top until my son made a video of my
swing from behind me looking down the swing path. I saw it right away and
even though I must be compensating somehow at impact, because I hit a
pretty straight ball, I know I am not consistently on target and I have
lost distance. Your explanation and drill is the best I have seen out of
about 10 I looked at. Thanks and I appreciate the help and will be working
on this drill asap. Jim 

wlee31 says:

What is the position and path of the right palm and under forearm on the
take away?

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:
MrWattsy84 says:

Something I’ve been working on, seems to be the only drill that stops me
coming over the top, but I struggle to remember to do it on course and
panic ill block it right, it’s a mental thing I need to overcome. Good vid!

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