Owen Colgan caddies for Shane Lowry

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da burger says:

Is the bag just sitting in the weeds at 0:46

Peter Petigrew says:

Lowry sounds like Salmon ???

JLash says:

What’s that 2 nil????

Michael Barrett says:

This was hilarious lol

Do you fancy a lift into town ??

mark jeffers says:

Brilliant craic well done Shane hope you got his number lmao……. Not many pro golfers would do a video like that……. Had to lol when he said get it close to the hole

K Graham says:

Every golfer should have a caddy like shane ?? would really make it worth watching


Wow.. could make a movie out of this shit lol

Mark McGrath says:

Turn on the tap and out comes the sex haigh

twincammike83 16v says:

I hope thre is a new Hardy bucks this year…

freemindthinker ezrapound says:

Owen is a idiot carrying all those clubs I would have sling them out at the very start and filled the bag with cans and more cans, clubs me arse

GT says:

Could only watch 2 mins…. Worst than Keith Lemon…

123 G says:

Shane Lowry is absolute shite craic.

Carlo Laput says:

when he stepped on it, hilarious!

Dave Dave says:

It was alright but it’s 5 mins that could have been used to make the new season of Hardy Bucks.

e james says:

Up the brexit………………………….

Undecidedsceptic says:

Are you a tinder man ?

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