Parker Schmidt's 7 Step Downhill Stretch Routine – Skate[Slate].TV

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Parker Schmidt has been charging hard overseas and that means he's putting his body to work! Take a body break and stretch out with Parker to keep limber during peak performance!

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holodrio 17 says:

will start stretching, would smash, perfect 5/7

Ken Schiele says:

Boise north end foothills? Great vid – killer stretches!

Ian Dailey says:

Skating is a good stretch

Slaterpoint Julio César says:

No entiendo inglés. Pero he notado algunas posturas de yoga.
lo que sí entiendo es que cuando te caes, sin importar la velocidad que lleves, el echo de llevar en tu cuerpo un buen gimnasio ayuda mucho. En mi caso trabajos de elongación como éste, me ayudan bien.
Thank you boss

Vondy says:

If you were a girl this would be fucking hot

Zig _ says:

but it's core to not be healthy 🙁

William Cochran says:

Just send it

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