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mike hunt says:

Played this course tough but really really good.

Peter D says:

This is wonderful stuff, Rick. All you have to do now is come to Western
Australia and play Karrinyup and Joondalup for a fully-blown mind.

silverN gunz says:

$1500 to ship your clubs!? WTF! lol…anyways great video as always.

Cian Lanigan says:

Love hearing Alan talking about golf courses, Aussies are great for golf
talk, great job Alan

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Life’s too short not to wear shorts 🙂 Great vlog!

Andrew Moran says:

Is it just me or is there not a bad hole on this golf course? Beautiful
course. Enjoying the videos, Rick. Keep them coming!

kpp4444 says:

The only thing that’s wrong with this course, the lots of snakes out here
comment from Allen. Otherwise, its a stunner. The courses you’ve played
in Australia are beautiful and you’ve played with really good players as
well. Keep the great vids coming

Google-is-a-pain says:

I’m now convinced Greg Norman is a sadist. Yeah, sure these are some of
the most picturesque golf holes around but try playing these tight, tough
holes with sand traps everywhere. And good luck finding a flat piece of
earth. All jokes aside – great banter and great vlogs guys – thanks. 

simon george says:

Excellent course bit tight for me not at that level yet hope you come back
rick, excellent golf.

Ben Learmont says:

Played Brookwater last week for the second time. The camera doesnt do it
much justice. Very hard to find a flat part on the fairway. On the upside
its very easy to find pro v1’s just off the fairway as most people are too
scared to look for their balls haha.

SnakeFeeder says:

Loving these Australian videos Rick…now that you’ve come close to my
neighbourhood hopefully you can organise a game at my home club
Gainsborough Greens – it’s just at the north end of the Gold Coast :)

Thomas Bornemann says:

Alan seems to be a nice Guy !!

Don DeMarcus says:

Love the video. Alan has the gift of gab, had to subscribe to Alan to watch
the videos. Great entertainment. Rick you are making some great vlogs. 

nazdak9 says:

Great vlog, beautiful course. Alan seems like a top bloke also!

Stephen Jordan says:

Nickname (Red Belly) after the snakes. 

ajmobeel says:

does alan look at the ball at contact 20,40

dangriffin118 says:

Alan “Mr Nice Guy” Staines

Shaun Gittings says:

Great vlog enjoying the banter

Jason Mckinstry says:

Amazing looking course

Dan Hammond-Smith says:

Awesome course

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