Part 2: Golf Pros Challenge Match

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Part 2: @RickShielsPGA & @PFGolfPro Vs @PeteStylesGolf & @AndyCarterPGA
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Bobby Jones says:


lenny law says:

First view like and comment

Thumper15 says:

Beautiful course! Great video & putt Rick!!!

Gino L says:

Great video. Nice putt!

golfninja says:

Good stuff as usual. All that putting practice paid off RS…. so far ….
18th to come 🙂 ….

Anam Trequire says:

Rick, you holed a big put! Looks like your 30something in row 6 footers
paid some dividends!

Shane Mccord says:

Thanks for the videos, Rick!! Keep up the good work!! Don’t be so hard on

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