Part 2 New South Wales Golf Club, Sydney

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Part 2 New South Wales Golf Club, Sydney
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Part 2 New South Wales Golf Club, Sydney

This part is a MUST watch! Incredible views in AUS @scott_arnold13

Scott Little says:

Courses looks out of this world and uz r playing some great golf BUT rick
ur white legs r stealing the show lol. Swing analysis of scotts swing

Peter Thomson says:

The shorts worry me more than the legs Rick (y). The pity with NSW is that
the land area and access doesn’t really support a major tournament it
seems. But really…a sensational golf course….up there with Pebble

Scott Glennie says:

Simply stunning Rick!! Looks fabulous!! My range today- 40mph left to right
crosswind +2 deg feels like -5 lol.

Ryan scarington says:

I’m turning 16 in a month and I hit around 270s. Is this below average?

Peter D says:

The NSW is a brilliant course, welcome to Australia, Rick :-)

Sgt Pepper says:

All that searching & testing 4a new driver when all u needed was an old
ping rapture driver. Wow views..

Paul Broadbent says:

What a course and Scott seems a really nice guy.

gordon o'riordan says:

Those 5th and 6th wow, wouldn’t fancy playing the sixth on a cross wind

Michael Rolton says:

And when do you emigrate?

Iain Jevons says:

What an awesome looking course. Not even the sight of Rick’s white pins
could distract me from those views.

Paul Gerencher says:

Rick I don’t no what you are talking about … This is the best course
video you have ever done … Ditch the other cameras 

Anton Murphy says:

A recent American ranking rated NSW as World Rank 9 outside of the USA and
World Rank 1 outside of the USA and GB&I. Played it 18 months ago.
Absolutely beautiful location but the course is up there with the best in
the world. Its that good.

Carl Broadbent says:

Omg. You’ve fire Ricky. Lol Ricky 

l says:

Brilliant looks beautiful, loving rick being called “RICKY” of scott in
true aus style, Rugby league, Rugby union, Cricket the lot the aussies beat
us so no pressure to bring a win home Rick :)

Phil Dickleson says:

Was waiting for this! :)

danny worsdale golf says:

living the dream rick!

kevin medlock says:

Absolutely unbelievable views! I’ll never have the chance to see a place
like is, much less actually be able to play a round of golf there, but u
bring it to life Rick. Thanks!!!!

simon george says:

What a fantastic dream to play there very envious thank for the video rick.

peter webber says:

why oh why was i born in old south wales

P-M Meiners says:

Nice course.

xsarahxrichx xsarahxrichx says:

Rick walks like a right goon

Lachlan Robertson says:

Can you please do a what’s in the bag with Scott 

upmodeler8321 says:

Beautiful place to play at :D

SwingR Golf says:

Brilliant +Rick Shiels PGA The view coming over the rise on the 5TH is

graig84 says:

I’m lucky enough to play in perth aus courses are amazing

simon george says:

Where’s part 3 RICK? 

jecksjnr85 says:

What an amaizing looking golf course. Soooo jelous, would love to play
there but also a tad jelous of the greenkeepers getting to work there
everyday. ☺

scedab says:

great looking course, but what are the sarnies like? vegemite is a no no

Jason Little says:

Awesome Rick, well jel as some would say in Essex. Although i’m not jealous
of that nose. Did your wife not tell you to wear sunscreen?

Sil3ntSup3rstar says:

The greens are slow as for aus. It’s fairly dry here. I’ve not seen greens
that slow. Beautiful looking course 

MrShanghai34 says:

Looking forward to the time when the grass turns green on my home course.

Chris Milton says:

Of all the courses in the world not to have the main camera
working!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning course, absolutely beautiful

Ged Goring says:

Rick you look like an English tourist who has been in the same clothes all
week. Lol. Not a good look that mate

Spencer Mulcahy says:

Stunning Ricky (LOL) i really need those 6 numbers to come up so I can
travel the world and play on courses like that awesome!!!!!

Tom Blake says:

Great video/golf/game-can’t wait to get the 6.

dante gonzalez says:

Very very nice..great golf by the way!

Eamon Keane says:

Rick, are you sure it’s the sun that’s too bright? I think it’s your legs. 

Strat TelePaul says:

Rick is playing well with borrowed clubs.

Jonbek says:

Are those M&S boxer shorts?



Ben Collyer says:

Dress in the dark did we? :P

chatterton10 says:

Golf paradise

Ryan Whitman says:

What a job! Jealous!

Ed says:

Stunning course!

Alan Heseltine says:

This course looks absolutely fabulous. Thanks for bringing this to us and
you are both playing some great golf to boot

Dave D says:

Can the person who gave this the thumbs down please explain WHY!!!!! 

Google-is-a-pain says:

Welcome to Australia Rick. Surprisingly, this golf course is bounded by
another golf course which in turn, is bounded by another and then another.
All have stunning ocean views however New South Wales probably has the
pick of the great looking holes.

MosGef77 says:

Righty-o, Scott seems like a good lad. The course looks amazing!

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