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Rick Shiels PGA says:


The final part! Can Rick continue the birdie run and mount a comeback?

P-M Meiners says:

I could live there. Wow… what a nice course and great golf you guys
played. Although Alan is one of the nicest guys I won’t check out his
website as it’s to difficult to watch all these nice courses in a warm
sunny country when you’re living in a damp cold flat Holland

Carl Broadbent says:

P’s. Who would thumbs down this video.? Cannot be a golf fan.
Great course vlog

Cian Lanigan says:

I’m gonna disagree with the course looking like Augusta, the greens are
like postage stamps and the actual tree line looks different, comparing any
good parkland course to Augusta is lazy I think

Peter D says:

Oops, Alan removed loose impediments from a bunker @ 10:56, hole to Rick!

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Was that a driver off the fairway? Straight and long? Close to 300 yards?
From a guy who finds the Mini Driver difficult to hit off the fairway? Do
we really need fairway woods? Drivers and Mini Drivers for all :-)

simon george says:

Fantastic conclusion to a great game love the last holes but one question
Rick why the driver when there was a pile of bunkers? Thankyou Alan for a
great win come on rick another game, get the aussie back.

gbvoul says:

I think Augusta is the last place Norman would model one of his courses
after. Augusta is very small, though. You can practically see the entire
course from the clubhouse.

Cace Smith says:

+Rick Shiels PGA have you been consulting with +Peter Finch Golf on that
driver off the deck shot? Well played sir. What a beauty of a course too.

Jason Little says:

Absolutley loved that 3 parter video. Alan is awesome, great vibe. Rick,
you played you nuts off after 4 down and that putt to put you at 1 down and
1 to play was crazy close. Can’t believe that didn’t drop my heart was in
my throat and I was watching on you tube haha, Great great playing guys. 

Lewis Curry says:

Great video.. was rooting for a comeback Rick.. nearly mate.. You did well
with borrowed clubs though…Well played Alan

Neil Gardiner says:

+Brisbane Golf Course Reviewer Are you going to take Rick to Palm Cove or
the Glades? 

mark lockhart says:

“Mate” count 10295 and counting. 

Justin Scheve says:

Really enjoyed the vlogs +Rick Shiels PGA Beautiful course. Alan gave you a
great nickname. #showtimeshiels 

superstar10155 says:

Fantastic vlog, gutted for you rick with that putt (you looked gutted too)
Alan is a top bloke now a new subcriber to his channel can’t wait for the
next ones!!! #wheresfinchy 

Carl Broadbent says:

Alans the man. What a nice guy. 

Peter Maxey says:

Awesome dude, this Alan. Love the banter. Also one of the coolest club
houses I’ve seen. I’m new to this whole youtube thing, but love all Rick’s
and Pete’s videos. Gotta love your jobs!

Vlaid65 says:

Bring the milk bottles back, Rick. We can wear sunnies if the glare gets
too bad. 

TheFester999 says:

Get the legs out Rick, have no shame

rocklaptop says:

great match guy’s, Alan’s golf was very impressive, Rick you need to up
your game for the next match :-)

Scott Yule says:

Great looking course and great blog,cheers Rick.

Joe Simmons says:

My name’s Rick Shiels and it’s “show time”

majorwhiz says:

Tsk tsk…. moving a leaf in a hazard at the 10:54 mark Alan! Rick should
have called you on that. :)

Ronan Maher says:

At around 10:53 the aussie bloke picks up a twig or a leaf in the bunker
and moves it, completely against the rules!?!?!?!

NOODLES38 says:

Love that driver off the deck lovely strike 

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