Paul Casey Golf Swing @ 2009 US PGA

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xNIKEGOLFx says:

I love the sound of impact in slow-mo

Andre Wretman says:

@charlrogers1990 and also I dont know but you seem to be a good golfer and a tip is to not go to big brands for clubs since the heads are massproduced and sometimes have little airbubbles in them just some tip on some rly good brands are: irons, vega, miura (tiger played with miura during his titleist time logo was just put on them) and driver are hands down nakashima:) we tried all last years big brands driver heads in a machine and no one was close to spinn launchangle and distance as naka:)

Andre Wretman says:

@charlrogers1990 yeah I have been to one lab here in sweden but it wasnt just one brand it was TM nike an callaway and I was going to check a driver with all three of them and neither one of them was going to spine my shaft if I was going to buy one some didnt even know what spining a shaft means

Andre Wretman says:

@charlrogers1990 straight up! but dont go to nike taylor made or whatever go to a neutral club fitting pro. I went to a leasson in club fitting for a year with swedens best club fitters and I have met all the club fitting "bosses" in sweden from all the big brands and I´ll tell you they sure are muppets:P

mralemelle says:

swing like this guy and you ll be in good shape, check it out, Alessandro Melle Swing


@asiangolfguy Well I guess that means the golf instructors should not even be out there? One thing I don't like about alot of pros the way they swing is the foot action. However, alot of them can get away with it because they are so strong in other areas. The only critique I would give Paul Casey is that he lifts his right foot to soon. The right foot should stay anchored through impact!! I know the guy hits the ball pure and long, but it is still a swing fault.

ljwartuk says:

@tjack2themax527 nothing wrong with his footwork he starts his downswing by lifting his right foot this is the start of weight transfer and creates lag which his were his awesome power comes from what does it matter anyway as long as the ball ends up were its meant to and it does! thats why hes top 10 in the world jeeeeeeeeees!

Brian Aylward says:

he pops up his left foot at the top of his swing… thats weird. iv seen bubba do that but he rapes it.

Bkimfitness says:

@Eaglesman12 no actually Paul likes to draw the ball more but he can hit left to right when he wants to

Thomas Bradley says:

@asiangolfguy yeah, you talk like you've never critiqued someone superior to you. dumbass. yeah he's a pro, but there is a problem in all of their swings. footwork is one of paul casey's. once again.
he needs to keep his right foot down more at impact.

davehegan says:

Hey Asian Golf guy, tjack2themax527 is correct. In the slow motion sequence, Casey is on his toes during these swings. I imagine when Casey saw these swings, he corrected that problem.

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