Paula Creamer's MIRACLE PUTT at the HSBC Women’s Champions 2014 | Golfing World

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Ed Hammond says:

The way Paul started her career I thought she was going to win 50 or 60 tournaments. She is only won 10 Or so. But she has parlayed her school girl good looks and her sweet personality into millions of dollars. Like they say and golf it’s not how, It’s how many. Dollars that is. LOL. She has struggled so hard on her and golf game, I think she only won one tournament since 2010 and that was that extremely long but she made on the final hole. I think it was a bad move if she got rid of her caddy.He picked up a great Koren golfer and is making a bunch of money.In the meantime Paula just seems to be getting worse.I think she is overthinking the game. She needs to go back to her early mind set and just go out there and wing it. Laugh, clown around and have some fun. I can’t get much worse. Anyways she was great for golf and seems like a real sweetheart. I saw her on Flarity and her house is awesome. Hard to feel sorry for a girl that young with that much money. But I still do. At least she hasn’t given up she still out there trying to make it happen.

Kirk Kaleta says:

The reaction, absolutely without a doubt

The purest form genuine happiness!!!!

Billy Jack says:

she a nice big ass

racketman2u says:

I was watching that tournament live, and that unbelievable putt and Paula's hysterical laughter will be one of sport's most unforgettable moments for me.

Timothy Cornell says:

A Lady I met her and got her autograph. She deserves respect!

bobbelonie says:

I WILL marry Paula Creamer, I will!! I'll buy her her very own Orka-whale, she must love me then.

colin glen says:

great stuff…lovely to see how much the win meant to Paula.

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