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Director of Instruction at the TruGolf Academy Jon Watts talks you through how to ensure your backswing and downswing are perfectly on plane with this simple drill.

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Scott Taylor says:

I thought you were not supposed to see the logo on the glove on the takeaway.

sawy78 says:

I`ve been playing golf for around twenty years, struggling to break Ninety. 3-4 years ago, I couldn’t attain an outstanding round but that was just before I read through the golf swing secrets “Jοmtοzο kaha” (Google it). My irons are not that great. I could manage driver properly but could only reach a limited distance.. .

sawy78 says:

I have been playing golf for about two decades, struggling to break 90. 3-4 years back, I couldn’t secure an excellent round but that was just before I read through the golf swing strategies “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). My irons aren`t that good. I could manage driver correctly but could only reach a small range.. .

Ethan Haas says:

Because of these golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it), I was able to find out “hows” and “whys” of a great golf swing and its a variety of aspects. My irons amplified 15 yards and my driver raised twenty-five after I finished reading the guide for the second time. Because of these developments, I`m more confident and I am having more enjoyment with golfing. .

Bourne Jerz says:

Thanks a lot. Excellent drill for staying on the ​plane!

dduck says:

Good information, not too much talk. Thanks!

David Marks says:

great simple guide, something I can do at home, not swing fast just nice and slow

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