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JCRocksteady says:

Great drill this and one Rick taught me in a lesson. Use it at the range or
when I realise I am not striking very well. Soon brings it back, and the
feel off the clubface is great. Another tip (maybe if on grass) is to peg
a scorecard / wrapper etc a few inches into the ground behind the ball and
then try to hit the all without making contact with the scorecard, wrapper

Carl Broadbent says:

Glad iv watched this. I thought this for a while. When I’m at the driving
range I hit them well and when on the course less so. Hitting the ground
first sometimes. And I realised I’m hitting the mat at the range first but
still produces a good shot as the mat bounced the club up rather than deep
into the grass and staying there.
Cheers Rick. Need to book some lessons but it’s a bit drive from York to
Manchester ­čÖü ´╗┐

Brian D says:

Another trick worth trying (that has helped me as a chronic fat hitter) is
to NOT look directly at the ball at address and into the swing. Look at
the ground on the target side of the ball a few inches..a specific blade of
grass or speck of dirt. We are very visually cued creatures…we put
things that are in our hands (hammer, baseball bat, golf club…) as close
to the exact spot to which we are looking. We’re wired that way. So, look
where you want the sole of that clubhead to impact the ground and you will
simply collect the ball on the way to that point. We are to impact the
ball on the way down, NOT at the exact bottom of the swing arc. Also,
flare the front foot more towards target, which helps us to feel more in
control and balanced, facilitating an easier, more fluid weight transfer
over the forward leg. ´╗┐

Adolfo Zayas says:

absolutely great drill. Will certainly try that once the snow clears and
warms up a bit´╗┐

Seamus Griffin says:

Great drill Rick, thanks for a great job. Happy Christmas and New Year to
you and yours.´╗┐

Alps P says:

Thanks rick, will give this a go….lately I’ve found that I’m fatting the
ball as I think my left wrist is dropping to early and really am struggling
to shift my weight to the left on the downswing….do you age any
suggestions/drills on how I can transfer my weight correctly please ? ´╗┐

Gareth Hughes says:

Can’t wait to try this one Rick, I struggle on driving ranges for some
reason, not sure if its concentration going by hitting ball after ball or
just the feeling of hitting off mats. I’ll defo give this a try, cheers´╗┐

MikkyTee says:

Nice drill, i had this issue last year. I struggled with fat shots quite
alot. Only way i found to hit the ball more consistently was to move it
back in my setup, so for a 7 iron, i would set it up an inch closer to my
right foot instead of the left. I know this is masking some swing faults
but my ball striking did improve a lot. I must try this drill and work on
it over the winter. Thanks Rick, enjoying your work lad ;)´╗┐

Tim Tran says:

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this but I used to be a mark Crossfield
fan but since discovering you, Pete finch and meandmygolf, you guys have
done more to improve my game through your content than anything that has
gone on before. So a big thanks to all of you guys! Extremely grateful for
helping improve us golfers out there.´╗┐

Khairul Aman Yakub says:

Hi Rick,
well what I did when I go to the range, hitting off the mat, i stick a
masking tape 2-3″ behind the ball. If I hit the mat first, an immediate
respond fr the tape. Plus, I could have that mind set up to not hit the
mat, and strike the ball nicely. Awesome videos mate, helped my swing and
game play a lot. Cheers.´╗┐

Barry Brown says:

Watched this video just been range bought some chalk pens put a think line
behind the ball 90% of the time I was hitting the chalk behind the ball but
the range mat give me a good result did this drill worked a treat cheers

JAG sixtyfive says:

Pardon me for asking Rick, but with this drill, do you not see a fair few
hip sliders in an attempt to ‘shift’ their weight over to the left more
than they may be used to?

Just curious.´╗┐

Made4GolfNL says:

Super Drill.´╗┐

Nathan Sheers says:

Great Drill, The principles are that of The Impact Zone the book from Bobby
Clampett, one of the five dynamics in the book, that charged my golf
forever !! a must read guys or get the DVD set if you don’t read.´╗┐

Kevin Byrne says:

Great video. I have noticed I do this a lot more since the ground has got
softer. I have been getting away with it on the hard ground in the summer´╗┐

philip3r says:

thanks for this vid, great help to me when I am at the range, increased
consistency in ball striking.´╗┐

Michael Smith says:

Thanks for that advice Rick. I find I hit the ground first and this should

David Hoyles says:

Ive used this method for a long time with woods off the ground. Its the
only way I can guarantee a good contact as i approach the ball very steep.
Excellent drill!´╗┐

Mike Williams says:

I do this occasionally but sometimes take it to extremes and put the ball
off left toe. encourages me to stop hitting behind the ball and move
sternum ahead of ball when in normal ball position! Nice video mate ´╗┐

Alan Mills says:

Great tip Rick, tried it down the range last night, worked well.´╗┐

Richard Gatenby says:

So annoyed I have just came home from the range to see this video. Looks
like a great drill to use.´╗┐

Chris Diamond says:

Good thing for seeing strike patterns is a slight bit of talc powder on the

jochen487 says:

In someway combine this with the Moe Norman style (club 6-8″ behind the
ball) and you’ll always find sweetspot, don’t you think.´╗┐

Channelqinyang says:

Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing this Rick! ´╗┐

James Wilkinson says:

Great drill Rick! Just tried this at the range, a great exercise´╗┐

Justin Turbeville says:

Can u make a long drive contest tm sldr vs sldr s?´╗┐

CwallaceCA says:

Great drill Rick! I’ll give it a try at the range tomorrow! Keep posting
the vids, really enjoy them.´╗┐

john uren says:

Finchy cameo at 45 seconds. ´╗┐

Richard Stewart says:

Fantastic tip Rick… Keep’em coming!!!!´╗┐

Craig Keenan says:

Best drill ever!´╗┐

The NONO says:

I would have thought you’d move the ball back a few inches instead of

mistermiggs100 says:

Hi Rick, just got back from an indoor session on a simulator and tried this
out with fantastic results. I then incorporated it into my pre-shot routine
imagining I am hitting a ball forward in my stance. This has not only
helped my contact but also my club path. Great drill

Rick Shiels PGA says:


Strike the golf ball much better!

#MustWatch and Share´╗┐

Kane Dyer says:

Loving the quality of the videos rick and enthusiasm as some YouTube’s are
looking a little disinterested´╗┐

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