Perfect Grip Pressure in Golf

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Speed and Accuracy – How to apply Proper Grip Pressure

In this video, Clay Ballard talks about the proper grip pressure and how this can affect both your speed and accuracy in your swing. We've included a great drill to help you loosen up and gain some speed throughout your downswing.

As a bonus, we've thrown in a link and preview of the “Right Hand Release Drill” premium instructional video.

Good luck with your golf game!

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Speed and Accuracy How to Apply Proper Grip Pressure

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Comments Golf Instruction says:
Bert says:

Clay, does a weaker than neutral grip help w/ release as oppose to a
stronger grip?

Ian Blackburn says:

By the way, watch mark crossfield latest videos on a course vlog challenge
with meandmygolf channel. Get yourself involved with them and maybe a
‘YouTube’ channel Ryder cup can happen ;)

Ian Blackburn says:

I eventually got a smash bag. Gonna give this a go letting go with the
right hand idea helps me understand why ‘release’ is called release :)

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