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What a special day it was to have Peter Finch come out and join us for an 18 hole course vlog at the Santaluz Club. We had a great time and Peter, you're welcome back here anytime you want buddy!

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We're going to bring you 6 videos in total from this collaboration. The first 3 will be on our channel and the next 3 will be on his.

Hope you enjoy it, if you do, show some love down below!

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Guys amazing edit! It was awesome to be out there with you chaps and experience that course

Logan Gadd says:

Video starts at 3:10

tmpjr says:

My two favorite golf channels got married and I was invited. Hope to see you guys at Morgan Run in Rancho Santa Fe someday!

N2Deep One nation says:

Love that Peter Finch was out there with you guys!!

Sunny Rawdik says:

I can’t understand a single word peters saying ?

James Harrity says:

I have come around to this channel didn’t like it at first but Marko and coach have grown on me awesome job guys

matthew sanford says:

Love the videos guys! You had some videos with the drone behind the hole a little back, do courses prevent you from doing that or is it just too hard? I’d love to see it more often!

KJ says:

My God these courses ??
Literally San Diego area looking as beautiful as I pictured it
Haven't seen this area in a view like this. Surprised I didn't find these videos earlier, so insane

Greg Herman says:

Great video guys! Time well spent with Mr. Finch

J Beaman says:

When is this going to happen again? I’ve been waiting for this for months now. Lol

Bob Hyslop says:

Awesome to see Peter with you guys!

kimchicracka says:

Peter Finch you’re too modest!

Mr. mips says:

Peter Finch, international playboy, journalist, a gentleman's gentleman, golf legend.

S Dub says:

F n awesome guys! Living the dream!

bigdog33bad says:

David Toms? What is that about?

Ruben Verdugo says:

You pop too much when you putt, You need to swing through the stroke. It will give you more consistency.

Heindrich Dyer says:

Get some shot tracers please

Alex Bateman says:

Honestly all the songs that Marko has to itroduce people to the channel are lit

Giovanni Cardini says:

Best youtube channel ever!!!!!!!!!!

Barka holic says:

"Play with you" – NO! No thank you. Sounds too Catholic priest-ish.?

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