Peter Finch What's In My Bag – 2019

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Here it is!! My 2019 What's in the Bag! This follows my full fitting with TaylorMade Golf.
It's been quite a shake up since signing with TaylorMade and not a single aspect of my bag has been left untouched!

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stuartjames1971 says:

Interesting to hear you say you’re unsure about whether to use the UDI driving iron or your 5 wood. Surely the iron will fly lower and the 5 wood higher. You going to chop & change depending on the wind??

Bob Brooks says:

Hey pete a bit late on this one but keep up the great work and have fun making the vids

Jason Lilley says:

Great vid Pete. Been waiting for this what’s in the bag. Great set up. I can only dream lol. Good luck on your comps and smash it mate ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

kvgolfa says:

Which iron shaft exactly?

aharte36 says:

Unfortunately, I can’t stand twist face. When I miss high-toe, I slice it, so the openness just makes it even worse. I love it when I hit the center, but on miss hits, it’s honestly unplayable. This is why people need to get fitted

David Thompson says:

Don't leave them in your car unattended …….

Joe Perez says:

The cover on YOUR alignment sticks makes YOU look like you're keen to practice. My playing partners think the cover on MY alignment sticks make ME look anal-retentive!! ?

DavidKelly2014 says:

Always fascinates me how much interest a ‘What’s in the bag’ video gets. Can anyone who reads this, if anyone, explain why it’s a useful video to watch?

Pete is a professional golfer and signed to Taylormade, so you’d expect him to be using the latest and greatest gear on the market. You could have the same bag as Rory and still be just as bang average as most club golfers, so why does watching a video like help in any way?

Not hating, just asking a genuine question and making an observation

Brendan Hanley says:

Loved the graphics in the video mate, very pro ?. What I like most about witb videos, is a demo shot of each club. That way you can talk us through the practical benefits of what you really like about the club and we can watch your awesome swing!

Eric hsia says:

Welcome to the Taylormade family Pete!

Ewan Ramage says:

Very jealous. Well done to you tho. Quick question did it feel strange going back to standard length irons after using the one lengths for so long?

Brian Rasmussen says:

If you have doubt between your 2 iron and 5 wood … maybe the GAPR could be a solution for you ? I am not a your level, but still playing from HCP 3 and I have put a GAPR in my bag, it is so easy to hit …. have the flight of the P790 2 iron but the foregiveness of a 5 wood … and you can use it from the rough as well .. ?

Taylormade TP5x says:

Nice bag………….?

Keith Finley says:

Driver makes sense given your love affair with the original M2

Kim Hannemann says:

What?! No tiger headcover?

bigdaddylongnut says:

Shoes? Boost is life..

Michael Williams says:

That's a really nice bag

Daniel Parham says:

I think that's a very good looking set up pete. I'm jealous.

Tony Reeve says:

Anybody else notice that the underneath of the M6 driver looks like a butt-plug, I can't un-see it now ???

Otis Huemmer says:

glad you are out of the one length irons.

Adam Hirst says:

Looks like a great set up you've got there Pete. Good luck for the 2019 season ?

Richard Argent says:

Brilliant m8 less testing more playing and you'll be flying….smashing open qualifying ??️‍♂️⛳

Craig Berry says:

Which modus?

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