Peter Odemwingie’s tee shot fail at Stoke golf day

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Edward Sausagehands says:

At least it’s not as embarrassing as his last failed drive.
To Loftus Road.
Take that internet!

Gurps HD says:

Worse drive than the one to Loftus Road?

Sky Sports says:

Peter Odemwingie had nightmare with his first shot at the Stoke City golf
day, slicing the ball into a nearby tree.

lewis wild says:

Jordan Spieth?
Is that you?

George Robbins says:

Can’t look up just as you are hitting it Peter. Cmon now 

Martin Oliver says:

he pulled it

rob denyer says:

That was better than his shooting

Zachary Jones says:

He’s spent more time playing golf this year than he has playing for Stoke,
like not even joking.

Jack Metalli says:

head moved loads and standing too close

Ballers Life says:

Lol he thought you could dive through it, rather then hitting it. #Smooth

Tom Whitmore says:

What a dickhead

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