PGA Tour Golf Fitness Instructor, Gabriel Lopez & Vijay Singh – Training Video

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Vijay Singh Training Video


golfinguna says:

Far too much body movement triceps press, curls….. Slow it down and
reduce the weight (if that’s the problem) If it`s not the weight then find
another trainer.

James Fiscus says:

Golfers are not going to do all this, period !!

golfinguna says:

Better still Find another trainer!!!

FitFast8 says:

A trainer that counts reps out loud is crap-where are the teaching points,
physical corrections, tempo cues etc??? Bet he does the same basic workout
everytime leading to pattern overload too.

FitFast8 says:

good strength, terrible form-he’s grooving all sorts of faults by doing a
similar but not perfect golf swing movement. Find a new trainer Vijay!.

Groy H says:

i hope he can win again soon, its been way too long for vijay since his
last victory

Alex Sargoni says:

Hard work! Nice, i’m starting gym and will try a few of these workouts out!

webbum says:

Golf fitness?

Garth Myles says:

This is some of the worst strength coaching of a professional, million
dollar, athlete I have ever seen. How does a trainer like this get a client
like that????

Brendan O'connel says:

The pull ups and the dips were counter balanced ! WTF ?

dyefrey says:

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Kaurin1880 says:

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Anand Jay says:

Amazing guy. How old was Vijay when this video was filmed?

TheJkgolfer says:

Can i get the playlist on this video (songs) )

sahil koul says:

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cgasucks says:

Fuck he’s working his ass off!!

Jose Dacosta says:

Fitness instructor— Where this guys learn this crap?? All of this
exercises are NEVER to be used in a sport that needs control, strength and
speed. Isotonic exercises will make you bulky, slow and sloppy guaranteed!
On top of that one dimension exercises like those shown, give you
incomplete and limited body development. Plyometrics and Dynamic Isometrics
done in a complete range of motion in all muscles are the only ones to be
used in any sport besides weight lifting and bodybuilding.

Kelly Fontes says:

How is that not VJ, dude is my favorite. The blue collar man of the PGA,
hardest worker on tour.

handemedia says:

who knew Vijay was a beast

Marcelo Monteiro says:

I Liked too much .. Please what is this music ?

Conrad Hitchens says:

Sorry – that aint VJ!

john Maicol Soriano says:

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