Phil Mickelson Golf Swing Analysis 2013: How to STOP FLIPPING
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Phil Mickelson Golf Swing Analysis 2013: British Open Champion (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

Wow, what a finish in the final round of the 2013 British Open for Phil Mickelson! Just when you think the lefties' game is fading away, he plays one of the best rounds of all time in the final round of a major.

Phil has many keys to his success. But there is one crucial element I see Phil do very well that I see a lot of amateurs really struggle with. This crucial move is a proper release. I see high handicappers on a regular basis that struggle with a flip daily. It is adding loft to their shots and creating inconsistency.

One of the things that is tough is to understand the difference between the proper release and a flip. It all comes down to the left wrist. In the proper release, the left wrist (leading wrist for right handed golfers) is flat the entire time. You can rotate your hands and arms as aggressively as you like, but you do not want the leading wrist to break down.

To learn the proper release, you will want to watch this Phil Mickelson Video!! Good luck with your golf game. I look forward to working with you much more in the future.

Clay Ballard

9 thoughts on “Phil Mickelson Golf Swing Analysis 2013: How to STOP FLIPPING

  1. The “release” motion through impact is much emphasized by pros like Phil
    and Vijay whose pointer fingers sometimes come loose off the grip. Fred
    Couples is another. IMHO I look at this as basically a “hit down” motion
    even on driver and woods……..many teaching pros, I dare say, wittingly
    or unwittingly withhold this very same crucial information to their
    students that you, Clay are sharing to everyone…….You are doing golfdom
    a great service, thank you!

  2. chuck – that angle is not that severe, that’s almost impossible. it’s
    because of the angle you’re viewing it from. an aerial shot would show it
    to be circa 90 degrees. a laid off club will increase the look of the angle
    too. have a look at “hogan grand illusion” by mavesy123 to further explain.
    people say the same about sergio but it’s not true! have a look at brad
    hughes’ videos – this roll release is inconsistent and relies on timing. a
    hitters release is both more powerful and consistent

  3. Haha, where I come from its the British Open!! I thought it was a great
    tournament. Good test of all of your skills on that course. There was no
    hiding behind one aspect of your game. The course demanded you hit the ball
    well and score well. Fun to watch. ~Clay Ballard

  4. Clay Ballard that did this video (also answering this question). You are
    correct, the angle in reality is less. The main focus is that he is not
    holding that angle and is releasing. Most players can only get around 30
    degrees of ulnar deviation, so you are maxing out around 110* of lag. As
    you mentioned Sergio gets very flat, so it looks like a little more than
    there is. I just didn’t get into that discussion in this video thanks.
    Maybe I will make a future video on this. ~Clay Ballard

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