Phil Mickleson Secrets Of The Short Game-Part 1 FULL

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Ray Voide says:

Wow Phil, you're still lazy, 'cept now the butler fetches each new club, or would he be a valet? Great video!

Mark Greer says:

At 1:01:40, is he using the 9 iron or de-lofted 60 degree for the 30 and 50 yard chips?

Insanity says:

My pro has me doing hinge and hold method for my 30 yard shots but I can't figure out how to keep my club face square through impact because every time it almost is like a shank because the face seems to be open but at address it's square

Jeremy Walker says:

Thank you Kyle

Amore M says:

These golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) go over the golf swing in great detail. The book tells the specific skills and swing techniques utilized by all golf tournament pros. I`ve read 1/2 of this book as well as the ideas are fantastic. Reading this book allowed me to score 3 straight low 80s rounds.

Abdelbari Abeliouny says:

Simply put by the greatest short game player ever!

Robert Taylor says:

Great tutorial

ledzep888 says:

this guy is too good he should be on tour 🙂

Mary Chantry says:

Seriously this would have to be the most informative coaching everrrrrrr.

Dawn Davis says:

why does he breath so heavy before evrry put

icetech6 says:

Thanks for posting this.. i bought this dvd years ago and can't find it. The hinge and hold chipping totally changed my game.. so amazing and only took about 30 minutes to get down. Best tip ever.

david zobrist says:

FIGJAM (Fuck I'm good, just ask me)

Jordan Martinka says:

if they under read their putts 100% of the time.. does that mean they basically over hit their putts? when they end up making them?

Tyson Lackey says:

I can feel my handicap dropping watching this video

Enrico Colombo says:

Thank you for your tips!

Mark Gay says:

Phil, you are the best instructor I have ever watched and now my favorite pro! You so so clear about the how and why points of the short game. I struggle with short putts every round, missing about 6 birdies and pars from within three feet. My chipping has been my strong point, but i am going to practice hinge and hold more until I can consistently stick the three foot target. Thank you!

Alan Waterworth says:

Excellent video and instruction from the short game master, Phil. Thanks for the upload. My short game has suffered from alot of thinned shots lately, and now I know why. Because I´ve been trying the "clock" method from 20-50 yards out, decelerating and allowing the club to overtake the hands. Phil explains this so easily and it makes perfect sense. I did try out the hinge and hold after seeing this late last year, but then forgot about it over the winter and watched too much from another, less gifted instructor. THanks again Phil, back to the practice ground for me.

Kersten Rienow says:

I tried it, and I am speechlessTHxxxxxx

Rafyc2000 says:

helped my short game a ton, thanks phil

Dave Earle says:

Because my short game sucks, I have watched many short game videos hoping to find a technique that is simplistic and repeatable. For the first time, I feel like I now have that technique thanks to Phil's video. I can't wait to get to the course this morning and begin practicing it. Thank you!

PlayGirl says:

Thank you for the videos. I was just at the greens and had no idea and tried different ways of chipping, came home and searched for answers and your videos lay it out perfectly. However, where do you aim to land for the roll?

Mike Ford says:

Thanks Phil, I can't wait to try your tips. I had been placing the ball center stance and looking down on the ball as you suggest not to. I miss many many par putts within 10 feet and then the bogie putt too ????

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