Ping golf face a HUGE challenge – G410 IRONS REVIEW

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Ping golf face a HUGE challenge – G410 IRON REVIEW
PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the new Ping G410 irons in the studio on GCquad and out on the golf course at Warrington Golf Club.
Rick also tests the G410's against the super successful Ping G400 irons


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Q.) What irons are you playing right now?

Richie Kennedy says:

Great review Rick! Loved all the different shots you played.

Zane Gates says:

Hey, so I just noticed that your 7 iron has a launch angle of ~18°. I am pointing that out because my 8° driver has a launch angle of 14.5°. I carry the ball ~290-300 as is, should I be concerned? If so, what is something I could try to lower the launch angle?

bill davidson says:

What type of shaft were you using??

Paul Anderson says:

For a game in crisis due to falling numbers of players, the manufacturers seem to be doing their best to kill it off through pricing, howevee, when kids are paying 900 for a bloody phone, maybe golf equipment is decent value, i think im just too old and can remember the days when you could walk into the pro shop with a grand and come out fully equiped and clothed, with change enough for a holiday.

Andrew Berg says:

review the apex pro 19 please!!!

Michel Crepeau says:

Hi Rick! Any chance you plan to review f9 iron? As i am buying club like… next month i'm watching review of all irons rigth now To give me idea before gettin fitted. And i like the idea of One length and like To know if they upgrade the gapping on "long" irons! ??

K4rN1v00L says:

cavity back irons are the ugliest irons you could put in the bag

Martin Palermo says:

Love the video Rick, thank you as always I very much appreciate your content and look forward to watching more of this soon, i think I asked before but doesn’t hurt to be persistent, I would LOVE to see a review of the new cobra f9 single length irons! Thanks again Rick!

TD Kane says:

$945 for a beginner or get some G20s for $150 plus some lessons.

Corey B says:

Damn how did ping go from an incredible and fancy looking design to this sub par design that looks like everything else on the market. ouch.

Michael Reeves says:

Ping g400 black dot love to see comparison between the two

R-Peyman says:

Rick good review as always but your video titles are cringeworthy

jeff murata says:

Mizuno MP-18 MMC

Tee 1up says:

Who won the clubs you gave away?

Bill Evans says:

Please review the new Apex 19 irons.

F Lew says:

Great review as always Rick! Just one little comment about the title of the video. I don't think you need a click bait video title to draw in viewers. Your reputation stands on its own. Just my 2 cents.

J Murphy says:

I just took out my new Wilson Staff F6 irons the other day and im loving them.

Mike says:

Ugly. Not a fan of the red and black or the club number typeface. Much prefer the look of the Srixon (my gamer) or the Mizuno irons. Ping woods are ? though.

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