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Edward Ramos says:

hate the looks tbh

Station 2Station says:

HARD? These are some of the softest wedges I've played. They instantly shelved my SM6. Super-soft, the Glide 2.0. But Rick, you also think the SM6 was hard, and the new Mizuno T6 wedge with boron – you call that hard.

Jeff Stephens says:

Rick you need to let us know how clubs feel. Do they feel hard to you?

Drew Kohinke says:

definitely a placebo effect on the "hard" feeling… if it was a blind test I doubt anyone could rlly tell the difference between a cast and forged club

NWP4440 says:

You will get used to the feel when your wedge game gets better. I was a Mizuno wedge guy, good luck getting these out of my bag. Absolutely in love. Ping has a winner here.

chittychad18 says:

can you do a video on spinning the wedges? I can't spin my pitches or chips but the line is good.

Jesse Schmigiel says:

ES seems to be the crowd favorite grind, any particular reason. Looking to add 2 more wedges and thinking the ES might be the way to go

Jesse Schmigiel says:

I have a 50 ss and I agree I think it feels soft. Unless I hit a little off the bottom, but even then the shot results are fantastic

Matthew Smith says:

If your hitting great shots with great spin should the feel of the wedge really matter?

matthew geraghty says:

shes a beauty!

randy underwood says:

did you test the hogan wedges?

Mark Kelly says:

The problem I have with Mark Crossfield is that although his ids for on instruction are very good,when he does course blogs with tour pro golfers he acts like a complete idiot giggling and sniggering like little children. Pete and Rick are to legends in my eyes.

vivianmoonbeam says:

Rick seems to love the Mizuno and Ping wedges, gets great shot data but says they feel too hard. My main question is about the lofts….he has the green set for a 56 and 60 degree wedge. But if he can only get his hands on a 52 or 54 and 58 degree wedge why not move the video green back so he can hit a more full shot? It's not as though you never run into a 110-115 yard shot on the course.

ksinghvirk says:

Rick just describes everything as hard now

rollo0817 says:

Rick, great videos!

Chris I says:

Good review, it is a nice looking club and thanks for showing the club face and not just the back (drives me nuts when the reviewers show how pretty the back of the club looks). The strikes even sound hard, as you say "clicky", maybe try a softer ball?

Mark Arbuthnot says:

How does the coating age now that you have had the Iblade in the bag for a while now?

Matthew Tomlins says:

Sounds more like a thud than a click

Ron Thibeau says:

Results are important

stabes70 says:

Dump those hightops Rick..Don't suit golfers!

Raymond Yadusky says:

If the spin is that good, I could probably get over the hard feel.

Adam Niswonger says:

These could be a great fit for a softer ball like the Callaway chrome soft. They are miles softer than the prov1(x)'s.

Tony Rock says:

Will there ever be a wedge that Rick happily bag? Great review Rick!! What will be next?

DINERO says:

feel is #1 easy pass on these no matter what the spin

Andrew McLeod says:

‪Hi Rick, are you planning to or did you test the titleist sm6 wedges the same way as you have reviewed the other wedges over the past month. Keep up the great work ?‬

JackKingGolf says:

You can tell he is up to some ball reviews! Look at all the balls in the corner

Keith Williams says:

Feel, spin and view at address

Howie Land says:

Rick, my only criticism of your WITB is you seem to go with looks and feel over performance. It's hard for me to understand why a serious golfer would not have performance as the top priority. Also, if feel is lacking, you could switch to a softer ball.

Guy Davey says:

Around the green.. in fact inside 60 yards it's all about the feel…

metamurph says:

I have sound Ping wedges to be "hard" feeling for last few iterations I have tried. I do love the overall look though I would like a bit more grind variation. (M grind…). I think it is interesting that you notice so much "hard" here and I think they would be the same as either the i200 or iBlade when it comes to feel. Same basic idea. They do stay true to Ping concepts: cavity back (even has the "insert"…which doesn't seem to help here) but also adhere to the current i200/iBlade style of look like a more traditional player club.
You need to have a big table once you get done with posting all your reviews that is a summary: Softest feel, hardest, etc. so we can see them side by side. IE Mizuno also a bit "hard" because while forged it is boron/steel…not the old "mizuno feel" yet maybe they last longer? Anyhow, good stuff, love that you have some combo of on-course and machine data.

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