Ping s55 TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Irons

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Ping s55 TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Irons compared and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the two golf clubs and talks about distance, launch and spin with the help of his GC2 launch monitor. See if the TaylorMade or the Ping golf club could help you play some better golf.


Dave Carson says:

I went to get fitted for new irons yesterday, and it was fairly close
between the S55s and the AP2s. I was much more consistent with the S55s and
they felt amazingly solid, even when I caught one low in the face. Plus I
was blown away by the Ping custom fitting system, std length and purple dot
for me

DjTak3On3 says:

hit the s55s for a few hours last week, theres not much of a feel off the
face at impact but they are a nice iron to look down at and seemed very
forgiving for a club that is quite thin

Sidecar 771 says:

Taylormade 5 iron 26°, Ping 5 iron 27°…there’s your 3 yards. There is
nothing really new in clubs, but moving the weight around does have an
effect. These facts, however, have little effect on all us golf equipment

Vici Martynov says:

Interesting – definite theme appearing over your recent tests – there are
no better clubs – the performance is so tweaked by all the modern
manufacturers to approach regulation that you may as well go with brand
loyalty – as a better player, you are seeing variability in strike as the
dominant factor – the gross variability of an average player will make any
differences irrelevant 😉 

Eric Davis says:

CFS vs KBS Tour 120. Night and day. I know Mark doesn’t put a lot into
shafts but I play the S55 with KBS, but with CFS they were stone cold
UNPLAYABLE for me. High, spinny, and short. The S55’s come alive with the
right shaft.

Pro Zone says:

Mark great review! I have the S55’s with KBS Tour V 120x SS 1x they are
solid, however my dilemma is the offset in the longer irons. I find the
3,4,5 irons have too much offset. Now I am looking at Taylormade TP MC, or
might go back to blades. You would think Ping creating this S55 would have
made less offset being a blade.
I consider the S55 a near game improvement iron’s offset, in a cavity
back design, that is the head size of a blade.

Eric D says:

I find myself drawn to the S55s every time I’m in a golf store… Just
gorgeous in my opinion.

Mark, do you have any thoughts on the Maltby playability factor (MPF)
system? He always ranks the S series surprisingly high for playability,
certainly compared to the way their marketed. 

whogg0521 says:

I appreciate what you said in this video and the one you did on the Mizuno
MP15s. I’m a 13 now, used to be 9, and am swinging now like a 20+ (long
story). But I just bought a set of MP 69s because I love the traditional
look. When I’m swinging well or poorly, I don’t see the wide range of loss
between my MP 69s, my old MP 32s, or the Cally X16s I used to have. But
when you hit them well…man…there is nothing like the
feel/sound/flight…I just love it and it presses me to be better and be
consistent. Thanks for the video and effort in your reviews and swing tip

TrailTrackers says:

I use the Ping s55 irons and absolutely love them. I switched up from the
s56 model. The main difference I noticed (functionally) is the s55 irons
are stronger, except for the 4 iron which is actually weaker by I think
.25°. This doesn’t affect me though because I dumped the 4 iron in favor of
a 23° Anser Hybrid earlier this year because I wasn’t hitting the 4 iron
consistently enough for my liking.
Mark mentioned Bubba playing these irons and he’s correct; Hunter Mahan
also games these irons.

Vincent Sandford says:

Great review Mark – I agree that all recently reviewed clubs produce
similar results – there are no outstandingly preforming clubs anymore. The
only variance is the golfer providing inconsistent strikes and how clubs
deal with those kind of hits.

MacClellandMan says:

Both compelling clubs. My launch numbers did not justify buying either.
Ended up with Rocketbladez HL and finally broke into the 80’s.

Reece Lauren says:

Great video Marc! Your tips are always helping me improve my game! Sent my
video in through your app can’t wait to hear back! :)

Allan Butler says:

Great vid as usual… When we getting the Mizuno jpx 850 forged… would
love to see a JPX EZ forged v JPX 850 forged match up… Thanks Mark!

Andy On the Range says:

Gota be TM TP CBs, player looks with game improvement features, love them

ChaseTheGuitarMan says:

Dave H, he always says lets get stuck in. Mark, I’m 17, love your videos.
They’ve helped me very much. Keep up the good work! Thanks

PingDrv00 says:

Nice to see some old school Crossfield comparison!

timothy jackson says:

I wouldn’t use the Taylor made irons because they make to many

burtonsb145 says:

that hat must be wrank hahaha – don’t think iv ever see you wear a
different hat hahah

Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

i like some help with my clubs but i really hate thick soles like g30 irons

Dave H says:

What does he always say? Lets get what?

TZOID08 says:

Mark, Why do you not discuss the shafts that each manufacturer uses in the
irons. Surely that plays a role in the Launch monitor statistics. KBS Tour
110 vs Ping vs Dynamic Gold so on. 

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