Ping's New Driver Blew Us Away in 1 All-Important Area | G430 Max 10K Robotic Insights

The PING G430 Max 10K has the full attention of pros like Tony Finau and Cameron Champ, according to our Fully Equipped team.

Jonathan Wall, Gene Parente, and Kris McCormack break down the results of Golf Laboratories' comprehensive Robot Testing for this year's new Ping product. It stands out for its forgiveness across the face in what we're calling “The Year of the Driver.”

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8 thoughts on “Ping's New Driver Blew Us Away in 1 All-Important Area | G430 Max 10K Robotic Insights

  1. Cam Champ is not using the G430 Max 10k, that's a fact. He might have tested it and gamed it a few competition rounds but he didn't keep it in the bag.

  2. Chris you need to go back and re-listen to the interview you did with the Ping Rep. on your truespec site. He clearly said The 10k is HIGHER launching not lower launching than the MAX and lower spin than MAX. Kind of a big detail to get wrong.

  3. I just used mine for the first time today and, holy crap, it was forgiving. I felt like I couldn't miss. It gave me extreme confidence and Im a 14 handicap. Incredible driver

  4. Except for doesnt it spinning up when you hit it low on the face to keep it in the air? Won't your carry be lower due to the much lower launch with the same spin? Genuinely curious no shade at all here.

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