PIQ and Mobitee Golf Gadget Review review

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This is a review of the PIQ mobile golf tracker and practice wearable that tracks your game and gives you stats on how you have been playing. This unit was given to me to test but it is NOT a paid review.

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markdehne says:

The best feature of PIQ isnĀ“t shown in this review, this is the shot-tracking on the course combined with analysis of each swing. a real cool device in my opinion.

Mike Cowell says:

When you took several hits in a row with the same club, did you tap your wrist each time? Or does it remember the last club you tapped.

Kevin Vanic says:

You said that you constantly had to look at your phone for the metrics when you were on the range, why don't you just have an ipad sitting next you versus looking at your phone

William Copfer says:

Does it have a putter thing for the end of your club?

Robert Dore says:

What happens if you don't wear a golf glove?

Ben Woodall says:

Your swing score was over 9,000!?

JGilmerGolf says:

When is your review for Live View Golf coming out? Really an interesting concept

leverage11 says:

You got deliberate practice down!

Ian Jones says:

Pretty neat…I would probably just use it while practicing…the only thing is, I guess you're SOL if you don't wear a glove…

Aidan Hamilton says:

Your swing at 4:30 may be the first time ive seen you stop short of parallel on the backswing, solid work my friend

Ben Clabaugh says:

does it drain your phone battery?

Antony Osborn says:

I like the idea of PIQ but always considered it would be a pain as I like to take my glove off for chipping and putting

Thomas Ngo says:

what if you dont wear a glove?

Dave Parker says:

Hi, have you noticed if it helps with your pre round warm up. Is it easier to find your swing by using the 3 measurements. Cheers

Mitchell Blades Golf says:

Pretty cool!

Robert Birzes says:

Have you tried Zepp golf. It goes on the glove also

Chet Koczynski says:

Sorry if you mention this in the video, but what does it feel like on the back of your hand? Is it annoying? Is it hardly-noticeable?

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