Plastic Golf Club Battle | Dude Perfect

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Golf is EXTRA hard with plastic clubs.
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rida alkhafajy says:

I wish I could play with u

Renee Delicata says:

Coby has always been my fav

Nikki Williams says:

Yes he will win a game

Hayley S.T says:

Ok I've watched probably at least 20+ battle dude perfect vids and Tyler's won all of them. let someone else win jeez! I love dude perfect but come on ty

Noah and Gabe Kidwell says:

Love the game and videos

2005YOLO says:


Yudelka Collado says:

Can I come to your studio plz??

Yudelka Collado says:

I believe in Colby you should stop making fun of him

Fck Carrots says:


Tgi Falk says:

Coby won't win a battle even though I want him to

Ruth Logan says:

Will coby ever win

Emy Yu says:

Oh its thor and coby

Emy Yu says:

I am serios who is coby and the other they are twins

Islamic Revolutioners says:

Cobi is too good.

Shalu Samtani says:

Ty do a sniper nerf battle

Ethan Jones says:

7:46 he looks like Michael Jackson

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