Playing at the QUEEN'S HOUSE! Hampton Court Palace Golf Club – Money Match

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Playing at the QUEEN'S HOUSE! Hampton Court Palace Golf Club – Money Match – in this money match video I play with Andy Dalton at the fantastic Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, which just happens to sit on Royal land, the queen's house is next door!

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sam mccullen says:

Come back to Florida I wan to play a money match

Darren Terry says:

I have the attention span of a 3 year old I could write down whatever I wanted I'm guaranteed to forget it before I even swing the Club LOL

Darren Loder says:

Another great video Pete but you really need to take that flag out

Randon Lingle says:

Peter, are you playing the TP5 ball?

Andrew Weisenfeld says:

You edit so well????

stephen mc gonagle says:

6.47 look at all the chemtrails in that beautiful blue sky. You get lovely sunshine to be hazed out by them. Hateful

Jacob Taylor says:

Time to work on that putter Finch! 😉 Great video as always

Finaly Turner says:

Peter , will you be playing at sunningdale golf club soon ?

joec0914 says:

That course is flatter than Florida.

Jeremy Lynch says:

Love your channel!! Always come home from work and check to see what you and rick have posted for the day! Please keep up the great content!

matthew gallagher says:

You need to go back in July/August and do a money match with your 3 musketeers! If you are not sure who they are hit me up.

Adam Chapman says:

Come to Tennessee I will play u for $100

Jeff Shawver says:

Well done Pete. So enjoy this series. Meeting new people and new courses is really cool. Keep up the good work sir. PS Is the annual Golfbidder match coming up soon??????????

cameron white says:

My home course!!

Gary Westfall says:

If you are not into golf, that is OK. Take a look at all of the Chem Trailing over the UK
in this golf vlog.

Chris W says:

What is your focus attention on… just love that, that's going on my score card holder.

Richard Wales says:

There's nothing better than mixing it up by trying new courses. Next time you go there , take Carly with you. PS. Your mate Andy is a top bloke.

KevinS says:

Don't think the Queen has ever lived at Hampton Court Palace, in fact no monarch has for nearly 300 years.
Great vid though, these money match videos are good fun!

barry glynn glynn says:

played there many times when I lived in Surrey – interesting course and yes its flat. Now I live near Brighton in Sussex and most definitely isnt flat!! Wish it was as Im a senior now. Glad you enjoyed it. If you ever get down to the south coast id love to play you!

Braxton Roberts says:

What happened to you and rick

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