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This was a special day! Not only did we get a chance to play Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill which has long been on our bucket list, but we also played with a couple great guys; Peter Finch and Mike Capone, President of Druh Belts. This was easily one of the most enjoyable days we've had on the course.

Big thank you to Mike Capone and Druh Belts for making this round possible. If you guys are in the market for a new belt or want to try something new, please go check out their belts. They have agreed to offering the Golfholics community a 20% coupon so show them some love! Use coupon code golfholics to save 20%.

Druh Belts Giveaway!

20% Off coupon code: golfholics

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Golfholics says:

Big thanks to Mike Capone from Druh Belts for sponsoring this giveaway! Make sure you enter –

kapeed 14 says:

Didn't know that Remi Malik played golf!

David Frattaroli says:

Best editing to date! Love the flyovers. Can I ask what brand of cart cover did Peter and Mike have? Looking for a new one.

Nic Mac says:

@golfholics you guys should make a top 10/10 courses video . you have played so many courses all over and its overwhleming to pick a favorite . but im sure from personal experience you giys can narrow it down to top 10. top 10 affordable courses and top 10 high expense courses. please make this vid thanks for reading !!!

Orlando says:

Anyone else see that coach changed shirts like 17 times? Haha

Keola Ramirez says:

I just realized Marko putts right handed. @Golfholics what’s the reasoning behind that?

Lane Fisher says:

Favorite part was when peter was hugging that guy

joe s says:

Y’all should come to Charleston and play

Josh Nelson says:

Good Drop Stance

Bryce Hedgecock says:

You guys should really try either late spring or early fall golf in North Carolina. Obviously the Pinehurst area is well known but there are great courses all throughout the state.

Clifton Regis says:

1:20 boys, that red line means hazard!

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