Playing Lesson On The Golf Course

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On Course Playing Lesson with Joschka Zeller
Mobile: 07952514656

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre plays 5 holes with German Golfer Joschka Zeller.

Joschka Zeller from Germany improve his golf and help him break his current best score of 120! We aim together with hard work and practice to break 90!

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Alps P says:

This is awesome rick can u do more playing lessons with people – I think it
was amazing how you kept on encouraging him with positive words etc….I
wish other pros see this and learn from you !

Ben Dover says:

Posture looks great

fraser carnihan says:

Posture, alignment and the other fundamentals very impressive (good work
coach)! Id say all Joschka needs is more course time and to believe and the
numbers will fly down!

Matt Lassiter says:

This kid will be breaking 80 in a year. He’s got a little bit of a timid
swing which is to be expected going through swing changes and all but his
setup is beautiful and he’s got great rhythm. Once he gets some of the
nuances of the short game and course management down, those triples and
doubles will be pars. 

Alex Barlow says:

Great video rick need more course blogs playing with people who you teach
really top stuff!

mikey shore says:

His posture is great, I think he just needs to power his swing a little
more and he will be a great golfer 

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:

Really wouldnt of thought he would be a golfer shooting in the 90’s! he’s
got a very neat, simple swing!

redlinejcw says:

I like this playing lesson format. Good deal. 

Michaud Venant says:

Cool one, good video, we missed a lot of the playing lesson 🙂 but it’s
something new! You’re really getting into innovating the golf content on
Utuub :)

Xan Milligan says:

Congratulations Joschka, you are decelerating on your putting stroke on the
way down, This may cause you to miss puts low and fall right. Just try and
look at that :)

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Playing Lesson On The Golf Course with Joschka Zeller @JogiDude 

Dan Mowry says:

Joshka inspires me – I’m still learning but I wish I had his form. Please
keep posting progress – he’s going to be breaking 90 soon and saying
goodbye to it forever.

Tom Rouff says:

Is that a tm udi iron at 2:17

Theo Gregoire says:

Excellent video. More of these will do very nicely, Sir!

Alex Barlow says:

Great video rick need more course blogs playing with people who you teach
really top stuff!

Mike from Louisiana says:

Great work man!!!

Dan Paek says:

Looks like a udi on the 2nd hole tee shot

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:

Is that a UDI your using rick?

JokerDavis90 says:

Usually a fan of your videos Rick, this felt more like an afterthought
though! I like the idea a lot but I just found it lacked substance and
dragged a bit. That said I hope you do more like this, I expect with
slightly higher production and complete holes rather than the odd shot.
Anyways keep it going man, such a treat having golf bloggers on YouTube.

Mox_au says:

He has a wibbly wobbly finish, kind of quirky…and yes before anyone
mentions it, I’m aware that you don’t hit it with your finish.

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