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What a place Royal Portrush is! So many amazing courses in that part of Northern Ireland, I am a very lucky man to get to play The Dunluce course just weeks before The Open Championship is held here. Huge thank you to the R&A for inviting me over to play in #TheOpenLinksInvitational and also to Tourism Northern Ireland for taking such good care of us. See below links to all of the course we played, this place really is made for golf! #TheOpen

Tourism Ireland-

Check out Troy here-

Also big thanks to my main man Jack Harrison for coming out with me to help me film, we had such a great time!
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italpeel says:

Tiger,Olly Wilson and Brandon Stone. An each way bet on all three.

John Rabidou says:

awesome video sebby boy

Arron Edwards-hill says:

You do realise you said that was the other course when it was the same course ?

Rhys Mairs says:

My grandad was your caddy

Sage Aces says:

Any muscle bound tranny could probably hit it 400yds. From hollywood to youtube vids, transgenderism is being pushed. 7827 views here using expensive high production format –that's the agenda, from low rent to hollywood, force transgenderism on the populous.

Ciaran Holness says:

Tiger woods

Truth Stream says:

*Once, under extreme conditions, extremely beneficial to distance….hit it 400 yards

A-T/ G-C says:

OMG stand still and quit talking!

Cameron Faith says:

I’m putting my money on Jon rahm, he’s won 2 Irish opens and came very close at ballylifin in 2018

Dale Hiscock says:

Quality video mate !

ryan dickin says:

Pepperell to win -15 final round of 62

Max Gardner says:

Matt Fitzpatrick or Gary woodland

the links lizard says:

Hopefully SEB whip out his big stick later on in the B&B and smashed one into troy.

Bandit Baker says:

Great vid Seb, please tell me that Troy out drove Brodie….that would be so Funny!

John Twemlow says:

I would like to see Rory win, also. By the way the women's world long drive champ is our own New Zealander, Phillis Meti. Loved this vlog.

Scrufty22Gaming says:

not watched the video bcoz im not a huge golf fan- begs the question why i'm subscribed, probably to support the family- but no single mention of 'the girls' name in title or description strikes me as a bit off.

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