Playing St Andrews BACKWARDS using hickory (wooden) golf clubs

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Playing golf with HICKORY (wooden) clubs at St Andrews!
In this video Rick Shiels gets the ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to play the WORLD FAMOUS St Andrews old course in REVERSE! Also using old Hickory Golf Clubs. Rick is also joined by European Tour Pro MIN WOO LEE! Who is simply incredible. Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram.

This amazing video was to celebrate the legend OLD TOM MORRIS who was born 200 years ago today ?


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Tom Lynch says:

the ball is the difference. lucky you didnt break the clubs. old balls were much much different

Joseph Christopher says:

What is the age of those clubs, and what is lowest score ever recorded at St. Andrews playing with clubs of that type?

Burnbrae says:

Hi Rick, this has to be the best video you have done (and that's saying something!).
A bit of everything, historic course, historic clubs and some world class shots.
Min is a great guy too and a superb golfer.

Nice one mate ?

firstlt2 says:

The Old Course in Reverse… incredible. That 18th Tee shot is absolutely gorgeous.

James Adame says:

28:30 is that not a stroke? When you grounded the club it caused the ball to move from the position that it was lying in. I'm so bad with golf rules, it just seemed to stick out to me.

Nigel Stanley says:

Fantastic. Enjoyed the vid. Thanks

Tom Ginger says:

Your "awesome" feelings as you made the loop translated into a very genuine video. Thanks for having us along.

David G says:

What an honor it is to walk that course. You guys are so lucky.

Bradley Cochran? says:

I have a hickory club and I absolutely love it

Christian Tyler says:

I want some hickory clubs so bad! I just wanna show up with them pretending it’s all I know lol

Russell Thorburn says:

From watching this video I learned that pro golfers are amazing. If they were given a 2 x 4 they'd adapt and make it work.

Solomon Killeen says:

The profuse november scully stamp because cupcake epidemiologically fax notwithstanding a unusual archeology. tricky, nutritious invention

WAXMAN 95 says:

killer rick

JVEE says:

I'm jealous, the old course. I can only dream of playing the old course. Tho I would stick with my taylormades.

David T says:

We're going left as he smacks it right

Derek N says:

When u said golf was hard back then …//
Still harddddd,,,,, for most of us.

Aaron Prow says:

Really loved this video. Class all round.

Le Ko says:

They go could have had 7 club makers in one bag. Putters are some of the most playable today because they don't as damaged.

Trevor Morton says:

That BOSS pull over is soooo dope!

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