Playing the Toughest Golf Course in England with a Tour Pro!!! Back 9

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I play with Tyler Hogarty at St Mellion, one of the toughest golf courses in England. We play 18 holes stroke play and record every single shot, what can we shoot in this course vlog?

Back 9…

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My name is James Wiltshire, I'm a Professional Golfer from England. On this channel you'll find course vlogs, golf competition, golf travel content and anything else that falls in the category of golf.


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James Blake says:

Great filming, great golf. I'll come back and watch more, I think you're on to something with this format m8.

Stuart Campbell says:

Good stuff Jimmy enjoyed that thank from Aussie

Harry Russell says:

Act like your on the pga your lol

Harry Russell says:

You both look like a laugh

x sauceda says:

another good vid. the greens had you fooled into thinking there was more break than turned out consistently.

David Rose says:

Thank you James & Tyler. Great golf and commentary. Just watching you helps me understand what is possible. Being on the fairway makes such a difference. Knowing what your B & C games are, and playing with them, was a great tip. Next time out I will not try to force the A game when the B has turned up.

Ben B says:

Looks like you're still fighting centripetal force mate.. gotta keep that face feeling shut on the way back so you don't roll over and get stuck underneath.. can see you're fighting it with the cutty follow throughs.. hope it helps

Dean ALM says:

What are you using for the tracer James?

Kenny Williams says:

Would love to play this course. The different types of shots you two hit were stunning.

Drew Green says:

It's awesome to see how much your game has improved from the Gorilla James days lol I've been a fan for a while

joe harris says:

Good shit as per James

Thanks man. ✌????????

Coder Kook says:

Don’t feel so bad about my six three putts round there now. Nice to hear these greens described as small by those that know too because I was wondering.

John Strandt says:

The logo next to the player's name is distracting and unnecessary. Otherwise, very well executed vlog.

Tom Shaw says:

"Anyway, this is alright" ? Great content as always!

Sercoquet says:

Some of the ball flights caught on camera were great. Really enjoyed this

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