Playing the Toughest Golf Course in England with a Tour Pro!!!

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I play with Tyler Hogarty at St Mellion, one of the toughest golf courses in England. We play 18 holes stroke play and record every single shot, what can we shoot in this course vlog?

Front 9…

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My name is James Wiltshire, I'm a Professional Golfer from England. On this channel you'll find course vlogs, golf competition, golf travel content and anything else that falls in the category of golf.


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Ariel Tirado says:

Now this I can watch all day….. great work!!!

Yimmyyy says:

thought you were justin rose in the beginning

Tim C says:

Love the format James! Keep it coming mate. Cheers!

Brian Murray says:

Tyler is going to hear it from the one arm release police? this content is great golf

Buzzard says:

Format is awesome. Thanks.

Ivan Otero Jr says:

Definitely digging the video. Allows us normal hackers lol to see what it takes to play well. Good job!

john brown says:

hitting 8 and 9 iron into a hole then saying its a really tough hole, should tell you your not good enough to play the course, the wind was not even strong touch and imagination you both showed was embarrassing. get back to learning short game really learning it. life long journey continues.

Live Your Life says:

Great format!! I absolutely love it. Real golf play.

Mark Roberts says:

Yeah agree, love this format.

Scotty Persia says:

Love the idea. Proper golf.
Love the mental attitude on the "CAME OUT PERFECT
low burner 3 iron over 220 of water carry to a narrow fairway that doglegs left."
See what happens when your options become limited, ie. YOU GET SPECIFIC?
When you get that "detailed mental aggressive image of what you have to do and are going to do attitude." That shot IS James Wiltshire, you should play more golf with him.
(edited) and then you hit in the "low one moving slightly left to right holding it up against the wind. I know that sounds complicated, but it suits my eye." YES JAMES, that includes the minds eye.

PhotoDude801 says:

Much improved video. Really like the new format/approach to "course vlogging" . Thanks for sharing!

Ricardo Sanchez says:

Like the new format a lot. Anything that brings a better package (your golf game) to the channel I'm for. Nicely done cheers

Terry says:

Great vlog! Looks tighter than a nuns…… can’t think of that word I’m thinking of?! Probably the same word you forgot when saying your putting like a…….. ?

Health says:

Would love to see a video with you talking about your swing and what you and the coach are working on. I remember seeing you do a video with a golf coach and you said you felt as though you had lost your swing from when you are younger due to an overload of info and couldn’t even take the club back at one stage! What has changed now, are you and your coach happy with your swing positions etc? What feels do you have in your swing?

Jordan Murray says:

Looks a hard course that ?

Tyler Mccarthy says:

Love this style of golf video man!

James PSY says:

I just finished up a Tournament at a Jack Nicklaus designed track here in the United States. Was one of the most difficult courses I have ever played it was extremely penalizing. Lot of D1 College players shooting mid-80s and even a few at around 90. Winning score was only a few under par and it was such a fine line. A LOT of quality players that didn't play as well as they normally do. Enough so where the course was kind of annoyingly tough. Youd get penalized just for hitting an approach shot into the incorrect sections of the greens with mid-irons, just extremely difficult lag putts.

Idk. Just because you are the best player in the world doesn't make you the best course designer. But I gave it props for being a challenge and how good of shape it was in.

Hope you enjoyed your experience though!

gooolf says:

Again love the format, as someone else says like seeing you playing with quality players. Could watch content like this all night?

jaksatva says:

This might’ve been your best video yet dude!

Harry Ahmed says:

Can see your whole game coming together, great vlog! Would love to see you play against someone like Rick shiels or Pete finch, that would be huge ??

Shaun Chappell says:

Love this mate!! Quality content

Jim Dearman says:

Your only as good as your practice. Keep up the format it's enjoyable to watch and will make sure your on track to improve. That's what we all want to see.

Stephane Gauthier says:

Mate. your approach shots are deadly now. I'd love to see a video on the technique you use those smooth quarter/half wedges… Your feels and what not.. Keep up the excellent play.

tony parlato says:

Liking these James. Great see you playing well those greens are solid wouldn't fancy it. Keep it going pal. ??

Richie Bhoy says:

Yeah this is great content. Solid info on shots and what you're thinking is perfect.

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