POG Tips- Cure For Lagging Delts

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Vince- @TheSwoleNerd



https://www.youtube.com/user/KGBgraphics (Kenny)


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B H-0 says:

ah man, these were the good old days. wish you could've kept the physiques of greatness as your new company name. Physiques of greatness POG army was the shit

dondi ibnob says:

4:08 what i do when my girl stops listening

Tyreek Hill says:

Lmao the hippie chicken bruh I miss these old ass videos man

Brain Murray says:

Upright Rows Will Loosen Uptight Hoes.?

Delano Chatman says:

I have good genetics. I'm naturally muscular and build muscle quick. 186 pnds. I just wanted to say that

Denis Tomashevskij says:

To the nipple, back down – no homo ??

Y Fish says:

Good vid. Any advice on how to deactivate/minimize involvement of traps on lateral raises? Thanks.

Conrad De Guzman says:

Wow Thanks man!

coscointernational says:

Try doing lateral raises while laying on your side. You get a longer range of motion and you get more tension. You feel the tension as soon as you lift your arm up from your side.

Roro Monroe says:

His permanent smile… and way he talks man! this man has gotta be TOP 10 most friendliest trainner in the world lol

Simon Olsson says:

Super great tips for free ! He is a hero. Thanks Chris ! 🙂

Ray says:

Chris your the best out man I don't think you ever said where you learned all of this but every Movement I just has worked THANKS MAN! PUMPCHASERS ALL DAY

Scott Wilson says:

Is it just me or does Chris look like a Canadian character on South Park when he talks?

elephant man says:

I use the cheating lateral and strict form laterals. They both work. Those wide upright rows i need to try.

Nicole Beckford says:

wow…amazing. thanks chris.

Ankur Chakraborty says:

CJ seems to be bulking up. He looks fuller. Maybe just me.

bugsta2012 says:

Is it normal for one of my delts to hav a bigger space on the side than the other one like between the delt n the lateral that space cut cuz my ROGHT side have a bigger space?

Limitless _IMG says:

great tips man,training with brain makes difference

marvily eduards says:

Great tips appreciated

Bob Dole says:

"If you using bad form, you still go'n get results, fuck wadderrboddy talk'n bout"

Bob Dole says:

God fucked me on shoulders…  That's where Chris Jones comes in.

BeastisProductions says:

that was really good i learned alot

SweetFrankio says:

Chris Jones one of the few trainers that actually give you effective and honest advice in youtube. Great work my man keep up the motivation "Rows for the hoes"

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