Pontypridd Golf Club

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Studying the incline data more carefully before undertaking this is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand you have a better idea of which is to come; on the other ignorance (perhaps) is bliss.
It's a serious undertaking in the context of the 37 South Wales Classics. Not much scope for a quick breather. The road is pretty much upwards all the way. The average gradient is a true reflection of what you undertake throughout. The steepest gradients are towards the top, which really doesn't help!!
Legs and lungs will be asking (screaming) ‘what on earth are you doing' as you get (slowly!) closer to the top.
There is no great view to inspire you on the way up. Tree line for most of the way it only opens up once you near the end. Eventually the view unfolds behind you. In front is the road and the mountainside. Not the time to look around you!
Only once the final right-hand bend has been ridden do you realise that you are at the top and the pain can subside!
Time for a serious pat on the back. Gather your thoughts and store them for a debate with your riding buddies – this or Rhiwr Road; which is the toughest? The jury is still out on that one.
A great climbing challenge and not to be undertaken lightly!!

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