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Casting Stones says:

Why did it get so quiet? Taking "game" too seriously? Here's a tip to the golfmates that you were playing, if playing for money, be sure that you don't care to lose it to who you're playing. Competitive? Sure but the game is for enjoyment

Sean XJR says:

Andy looks like the plasterer from DIYSOS

Michael Harte says:

He looks like Eddie Howe

colin glen says:

get Andy some comedy glasses and you'll have the milky bar kid!  ; )

mark kendrick says:

Eddie Howe, Bournemouth manager.

isctony says:

Robert Huth – footballer

Delightful Travellers says:

Cool video. Well done! We really liked it.

G_McGolf says:

He looks likes Tor Andre Flo who played for Chelsea

Aussie Mike says:

Call him "Andy, what the fuck with those shoes".

Luke Hollis says:

Freddie Flintoff!

Alan Heseltine says:

Looks like a great track that Liam, you boys are deffo good for the fiver in this one.

georgeOSHEA says:

Played there last year

Paul Bear says:

As you stated fella, not much banter but some excellent golf being played

oaklandpaving says:

nu shuz liam,nice

oaklandpaving says:

sat on toilet watchin this ,and whats fallin in the pan is same as golf im watchin,LOL. Any way liam lad looks like sebastian sweinsteiger(footballer)

Trotter 1966 says:

Just caught up with this Liam after my Golf trip to Scotland. Beware the injured golfer!! Some great play from all of the lads in that footage and it was a great watch, part 2 should be tasty. Reading through the comments Root and Howe are great shouts for the lookalike.

David Ciccoritti says:

Finally got a chance to sit down and watch. You and Bandit were on fire today! ?⛳️?

Bill Craig says:

a homely Luke Donald

Bill Craig says:

Luke Donald

Ken Lightfoot says:

Well played Be tough to get near you when your backs better Liam.

Gary Mullins says:

Hey Liam. Where did you get that bad back , could do with one for the weekend if you play like that

Howard Lund says:

Man with no name is Joe Root

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