Posture Golf Lesson Good Swing

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Posture Golf Lesson Good Swing lesson with PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. mark talks about how posture in your golf set up can help you with you game and help you hit some better drives, irons and golf shots all round. Play your best golf with mark Crossfield's simple and east to understand golf tips, drills and instructional videos.

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James Needham says:

Hi Mark, that is my swing all the way from Bermuda (an englishman abroad).
I am 6 foot 4 inches tall and those are standard length clubs. I think the
next clubs I do get will be custom fit and 1 or 2 inches longer at least. I
have changed my posture over the last 6 months and my contact has improved
100%, better height and distance, especially with 4-5 irons which before I
just couldn’t hit. Previously I was very upright and rigid and found it
hard to find the middle of the club consistently. With my new squat posture
this isn’t a problem anymore, however it does look a little extreme even
for a tall man. I will try and tone down the posture and see how it goes.
When I do lose a shot it is usually to the right and I find it hard to draw
the ball which is what I am working on at the mo. Thank you for posting it
is greatly appreciated. I watch your videos as a daily ritual so keep up
the good work! Bermuda boosty boosty!

Taylor Carter says:

I would like to know if sent two questions and both haven’t been answered
if I could get a answer to this I would be happy I watch your videos but I
don’t get a answer I’d love to know why 

Roenie says:

What is the correct way to adjust your posture for the short irons? More
bend at the hip, a wider stance (with the shortest irons reduces my
flexibility if too wide), or both, and if both is the answer, how do you
keep this consistent when switching clubs?

Keith Jones says:

I was encouraged in a lesson to set up very similar to this as being 6ft 3″
was standing to upright! To me it felt like I was squatting miles down but
on video evidence it showed me having this ‘feeling’ set me in a good
Maybe he’s had a similar tip too but taken it to the extreme 

alan moore says:

Was just told this yesterday, getting heely & low, me 6’3″ too, so he had
me squatting with too much knee bend and standing further away from
ball…didn’t help. But how to overcome heely & low shots? Driver only,
other clubs seem o.k.

Andy M says:

He looks like he’s taking a dump.

Neto Earlybyrd says:

that posture can’t be good for your knees in the long run, can it?

Mickey Wong says:

No boosty boosty shoes today?

2468Bubbly says:

Andy M. No need for such comments.

Giorgous George says:

He does this because some ‘prat’ of a golf Pro said ‘imagine you are
sitting on a stool’! That’s the reason. When you strike a a bal that’s the
position you need to be in! Tell me I am not wrong Mark! You are different,
you are different to the Average Pro i.e. You are ‘The Man!’

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