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Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines & Avid Golfer Steve “RICHO” Richardson do some testing with a premium srixon Z star golf ball Vs a Srixon Range balls which golf ball will win

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Clifton Manley says:

so the Range ball you were hitting was a 10% ball. You can buy 15%, 20% and 25% maybe even 30% balls these days. If you want Range Balls that go really short because your range is short, buy the 30% balls. If you don't quite care about how far they go, buy this one, it's a 10% ball…. that's how they work guys, maybe some research is called for before you try to work it out, it's already worked out for you, talk to the ball builder… lol and the ONLY way I know to get range balls is own a range, or steel (sic) them…. do you own a Range guys? Or do you steel (sic) the range balls your kids use?

Max97m3p says:

Every tangle ball these days are air restricted so you can't hit them out of the practice area

Cody Oki says:

where is the water ball video?

metamurph says:

range balls also vary, how thick the paint is etc. and if they are limited flight balls or not. It is mostly a challenge when you are trying to launch monitor out your distances or more you get to range and warm up, I will always hit some 6 irons and look at what is my carry today avg (temp, humidity etc.) and then I get on the course first hole or so I can be over the green oh yeah.

Goldies24 says:

Has anyone compared a new premium ball to similar balls that have been found in the water that have cosmetic or discolorations ? We're 15 handicappers, drive 200-225.

cgasucks says:

Another reason why range balls are shorter as well…since they're constantly being hit by a lot of golfers their dimples get shallower and shallower with further decreases its distance. So when I go to the driving range I don't care about distance but rather my accuracy and the quality of my strikes.

Bob Pfaff says:

I would have expected a bigger difference than around the 7% your testing showed. Testing a 5 iron would be interesting – I find iron distances really erratic at the range.

Miles Ward says:

i dont particularly like the sound on the cobra F7+

Jay Wruck says:

Should of went to a real crap range. Like oxley with 100 yr old beat up balls then youd see a real difference. The balls at Bne would be of a pretty high quality

Peter Savage says:

Looked like you were creaming them Al! Have Costco Aus brought out their balls like here in Trump land? Great video gents.

Gerry Manley says:

Would all of the premium golf brands be of the same stats?i use wilson and titleist.

Alex Newall says:

One thing i noticed that was the contributing factor to the difference between each ball was the club head speed. Both strikes were the same smash factor so when comparing carry distance to club head speed for each strike it works out to only be a marginal difference (2-3%)

Mark Sheehan says:

Channel is getting better all the time lads! Ye seem to get on well! Alan what have you done to the flys/birds lately your under attack all the time now!

Woden of the Angles says:

Thanks for that guys. I've always wondered this and never seen conclusive data. We always say 10% at our range, but even that can vary depending on how beat-up the particular ball is.

Good stuff as ever.

Nathan Jones says:

Is there any difference between the premium balls we buy to what the Tour players use??

Nathan Jones says:

So what your're are saying is if I change from the Hot Dots I'm using, and have for 40 years to a premium ball I will increase my carry by 20 mtrs, wow, I will have take a 3 iron now so I don't reach the par 4's in one!!

Ian Ward says:

Quite a dramatic difference between the two

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