Pro golfers brainstorm “viral” video ideas

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European Tour Originals presents The Content Committee. Tired of being asked to take part in ‘viral’ videos by ‘media types’, five European Tour stars decided to take matters into their own hands and assemble The Content Committee. Ahead of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, the first Rolex Series event of 2019, Thomas Bjørn, Tommy Fleetwood, Eddie Pepperell, Henrik Stenson and Lee Westwood got together to thrash out an all-new content strategy for the European Tour in 2019. Convinced they could come up with better concepts on their own, the results speak for themselves.
New Year. New ideas.



Welcome to the Official YouTube channel of the European Tour. Every week you can find extended tournament highlights and individual player highlights from the likes of Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Tommy Fleetwood in events on the Race to Dubai. This is also the home of the 14 Club Challenge, Little Interviews, Fastest Hole and many more challenges, pranks and world record attempts featuring the biggest golfers in the world.



European Tour says:

What would YOUR idea be if you were on the #TheContentCommittee?

Sam Collington says:

Fleetwood's… Fleetwood Mac, you all trade places with Fleetwood Mac for a weekend, Tommy lead singer Stenson lead guitar, Thomas drums Westwood Bass, eddie a roady, cat on piano…..

Gary Rae says:

Great ad for the European Tour,Stenson,Eddie and Tommy are absolute naturals!! More of this sort of thing!!

Michael John Field says:

Shame it's too late for Oscar nominations. Great stuff…very dry delivery!

cheekymonkeyHH says:

Absolutely fantastic. Pepperell is brilliant as golfs answer to david brent – spectacular driveways :-))))))))

Alan Robb says:

I would watch "Monty's Pythons".

Richard Lloyd says:

Only Fools & Horsey. David Horsey hosts a lip sync battle between Ken Brown and Monty.

Sonny Krag says:

I had tears in my eyes from laughing! Thanks guy's! How many retakes was done, cause you started laughing?

ProfFido says:

Definitely potential careers in dry comedy for these guys hahaha

Alan Parr says:

Breaking into Tiger’s home to steal all his major trophies. Then have Westwood & Poulter fighting over The Claret Jug. Then have Colin Montgomerie take the Jugs and get in his car and say into the camera.., “these were always meant to be mine”.

Flat lands outdoors says:

why did I get "the office" vibe out of this.

Bill Jordan says:

Hilarious stuff guys. How 'bout the all day hole-in-one challenge with chimps – or maybe cats?

Ryan Johnson vlogs says:

Why isn’t the Abu Dahbi live not available in the US, kinda disappointed in that!

Marc Haring says:

Bloody hilarious and pretty good acting as well. I would sign up Otto the skateboarding bulldog as the traveling tour mascot. He's got like 4 million views.


Or just make all the tour pros into Roblox characters or make them wear fortnite skins on the course….please don't do this


Mic'd Up players! practice rounds before the tourney each week Mic up a player or a group of guys get some candid on course commentary caddy lingo mixed with a really unique introduction to that weeks course have flyovers info on pin locations etc. NFL films style like a fly on the wall

TheMrLandon says:

It is impossible to believe the PGA could come up with something with half this wit.

Efrain Entrertainment says:

This reminds me of the office lmao I love it

robbo says:

Absolute class….well done boys

The Weekend Hack says:

Euro Tour already does it right. Longer highlights, better announcers, all around better content. I honestly dont think anything needs changed.

Tim Ayre says:

I've always thought the main reason why the European ryder team has a great team ethos is because of the European tour. Yes we have players in America…but they mostly all start in the European tour and you can see how much more they enjoy European tour events. Could you ever see any big name American players doing this type of video? Most are media robots. They wouldn't risk their image…but being part of a team is about having a laugh And laughing at each other. Well done ET

jake harvey says:

Eddie Pep is fucking brilliant in this

jake harvey says:

Eddie Pep is fucking brilliant in this

Arno Kamphuis says:

Cats, definitely cats!!

666gregor says:

Anyone got a sewing kit…

Neale walker says:

European tour content is sooo much better now. Thanks from a non Sky payer?

Paddy Downey says:

Love Island Green

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