Proper Release of the Clubhead in the Golf Swing

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The release of the clubhead in golf is often misunderstood. Most teachers cannot even agree on the definition of the release.

I classify it as a supple whipping action of the wrists and forearms in a 180 degree semi circle with free acceleration and no impedance.

You simply cannot drive the ball nearly as far (or straight) without this method!

We should not try to hold the left wrist flat or delay the uncocking force in an attempt to steer the ball or mimic a photograph!

Nor is the release a passive torquing action. It is active, supplied by the forces generated by the wrist and forearm muscles and the straightening of the right elbow.

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George F says:

This is the best explanation of the back swing ever!!! Once you get that position at the top of the back swing right, (like a waiter caring a tray) the downswing just works.
Played a 9 hole executive course today and hit 8 greens in regulation. Par was 28, I shot a 30. Fantastic swing lesson.

PereL work 2 live 2 love 2 golf says:

Did I mention I’m 30 metres longer with the driver a week after watching all these #mike Austin hand arm forearms elbow release info … everyone always says you swing it so good .. but I’m average distance and not consistent #notanymore .. I’m 40 and been playing since I was 21 and I know my next 20 yrs I’m going to be longer and better than in my 20s ??????

S Essien says:

10:19 and 11:27 are some gem among many. Thanks for sharing

555Trout says:

Good stuff! Years ago I remember being blown away by the counterclockwise loading of the right forearm and the subsequent unloading. So many lightbulbs went off.. I happen to think it's one if the most poorly understood things in golf. I see so many instructors get this wrong. So glad to see someone using Austin stuff Steve.

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